Han Han last ride the wind and waves starring Eddie Peng. christie stevens

"Han Han" last exposure to ride the wind and waves starring Eddie Peng Eddie Peng, Sina entertainment released after Deng Chao [micro-blog], Zhao Liying [micro-blog], Dong Zijian [micro-blog], Jin Shijie, Yu, Li Ronghao, the beast, Gao Huayang, Li Chun, Xiong Li, Li Chunai, Han Madagascar, the golden period of the plug to "ride the wind and waves" after Han Han, [micro-blog] to micro-blog and then zoom trick, Eddie Peng officially announced [micro-blog] will appear in the film "ride the wind and waves". Many netizens exclaimed Han Han unexpectedly left the "killer" in the comments, and said that "the squad is too strong, miss will regret" Eddie Peng frequency record screen classic role of artist Eddie Peng, a handsome appearance image of health, vigor, can also ideal setting for a couple in love small fresh blood ruin Zhang head. Not long ago, the main melody of "big Mekong action" rely on the perfect reputation in the national archives a counter attack, the final steady 1 billion 100 million high box office, refresh the Chinese gangster movie box office records. Starring Eddie Peng as in "the Mekong River action" in shaping the success of jagged tough guy won praise and party Xinwu, countless fans screaming. Rolling it from 2011! Axin "challenge gymnastics Axin, to the firm will not destroy Lin Siqi’s" fierce battle "in 2013, then to 2015" broken wind "in the inspirational driver of this summer, Qiu Ming," 2 "in the" chill fallen police "Li Jiajun. In recent years, numerous, Eddie Peng rely on these roles to break his inherent impression on everyone, to become to create full three-dimensional and memorable role acting strength. Eddie Peng got so much recognition, thanks to a lot of people’s concern and help, such as Jiang Zhiqiang, Lin, Lin Chaoxian, et al Yuxian [micro-blog], this is not only to bring Eddie Peng modest popularity, because the more he shows up in the filming process, the amazing "fighting spirit", with every work with him a partner. In 2009, in the film "heard" in the play with Ivy Chen [micro-blog], he learned sign language in 3 months; in 2011 starred in the rolling bar! "Axin, after 8 months of strength training, he trained with gymnastics athletes like bodybuilding physique; 2013" hassle "intensive training of professional boxing in 2015;" the broken wind "hard to obtain a professional qualification certificate of bicycle…… Evaluation of the industry, it is Eddie Peng’s hard work and pay for their own paved a bright road. Eddie Peng filming site dedicated incarnation of "hard Peng boy" director Han Han chose to cooperate with Eddie Peng "Eddie Peng" is to take a fancy to ride the wind and waves, the performance persistence, and he in the performing arts circle is widely spread of good character. According to field staff revealed that the Eddie Peng group, as long as the filming never saw him watching mobile phone. Usually do not see the script back lines, is with the director and other actors rehearse the play, and then look at the monitor screen batted performance. In the face of each staff Eddie Peng is smiling, and everyone is very close, so some people secretly for him to take a "hard Peng boy" small nickname. The movie "confidential work" ride the wind and waves is quite strict. Eddie Peng join is that the role and Drama)相关的主题文章:

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