Hefei kids hand-painted network security super idea works childlike innocence shuyue

Hefei kids hand-painted "network security" idea of Xin’an super works childlike innocence Anhui evening news network news ( ); five or six year old baby, arms holding mobile phone, fingertips skillfully slide on the screen, "watermelon" cut quickly; after a meal, you rub to the computer, open the video website, edge see "bald" laughing; the evening has to listen to a set of "little sheep" good night, otherwise naughty to sleep…… Such a scenario has become commonplace in today’s Internet age. China Internet Information Center statistics show that as of the end of 2015, China’s total number of Internet users has reached 688 million, Internet users under the age of 19 accounted for about 24.1% of all Internet users, of which less than 10 years of age of Internet users more than. "Worms" more and more, how to avoid, guide the children safe online? How to resist invasion and build a secure network environment? These are worthy of attention. 2016 National Network Security Awareness Week held on -25 September 19th, the theme is network security for the people, network security by the people". "The third Anhui province network safety publicity week" activities also started on the day before. Anhui network has launched the children see network security children’s paintings, with the child’s attention to network security. Hefei Xiyuan Village Primary School Campus Hui Lin (2) class   6 year old Wu Yiru Hefei City Qianshan Road primary school four (1) class of 9 year old Ruan Yihan Hefei City Qianshan Road primary school four (1) class   9 year old Chen Haoran editor: Sun Chen相关的主题文章:

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