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Home: into the depth of the reshuffle in 2016, the home industry has entered a deep shuffle period. On the one hand is to make snap to ease non core functions of the capital, many furniture manufacturers are the collective withdrawal of capital, enterprises have joined the mainstream Home Furnishing relocation tide, do not meet the planning of the Home Furnishing store signs one by one is off, even as Beijing Home Furnishing stores veteran figure; the other is the rise of new mode to the Internet, customization, home improvement led by O2O, directed at the traditional model of long hidden consumer pain points. The growth rate of 30% is as trassient as a fleeting cloud for every enterprise, and upgrade imminent, after the reshuffle, which will appear 1 billion large enterprises? Current status and key words: 1    large relocation depth of the production chain from the start. Prohibition and limitation of "Beijing new industry directory August 2015 (2015 Edition)" issued, more than 1000 Beijing Home Furnishing production enterprises Jiucheng face transfer, after 14 months of wait-and-see and planning, most of the furniture enterprises have finalized a new site, moving tide kicked off. Tiny is located in the Fangshan times, shut the factory gate, the production line will be moved to Zi Long’s hometown of Hebei district is a rural South North Village of the nameless village, as of early October 2016, the relocation has been completed in 90%; Longding doors have two production lines moved to Tianjin Yongqing Yongda Industrial Zone, new the plant has hung up the "dragon RoyalTek" brand new factory; fumanmen with thousands of kilometers away wildly beating gongs and drums in Jiangsu Pizhou, from the year 11 began to move, until the beginning of next year can move. In 2015 the occasion of national day also unveiled Qingxian County and Hangu two furniture industrial park has completed the early investment, hiring, in the actual construction phase. Qingxian County coastal industrial demonstration base of the first phase of the project is being done, the official start in March 15, 2016. Hangu Bohai industrial park two investment has been completed, currently has 59 enterprises identified settled, there are currently 14 companies entered the construction phase, 9 receiving end land, 8 under construction, is expected in 2017 June and July will officially enter the relocation stage. Keywords 2    shutting down the low-end stores in the circulation channel to get more direct. With ease capital speed, some low-end stores could not escape the fate of Home Furnishing shut down, even the "time-honored" is no exception. In May 10, 2016, Home Furnishing decoration market officially shut down lamps and candles of a myriad families took the Beijing Home Furnishing plaque, the circulation of the "time-honored" stores "north of the city of victoria. Founded in September 1996 in Beijing city of decorative lamps and candles of a myriad families Jiezhuang industry unlimited scenery, the store in 2006 Jiezhuang companies "evictions" shocked the industry; Jianxiangqiao lighting market market on the south side of the 2008 acquisition, really fit the lamps and candles of a myriad families "brand name. However, the lower end of the mall management mode, in the capital of non core functions ease strategy need to choose to move out. The other is a well-known building materials market — jinwuxing is facing the end of shutting down the fate, the low-end Home Furnishing building materials market was inferior Home Furnishing brand. As they tear down, these are cheap, cheap.相关的主题文章:

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