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Horn bow heritage "bow spectrum": 230 procedures successfully – the new network in Xining in November 2 new agency Xinhua: horn bow inheritors "bow spectrum": 230 procedures successfully author Pei Fei not void the horn bow, bow and arrow of love love Tibetan horn non genetic order of Austrian pine arch Dorje and partner for four years only produced more than 300 bow, but he was satisfied, he said: "the inheritance of excellence." Chinese only "National Archery town" Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Huangnan province Jianzha county will get from village to town in the archery competition, the horn bow making workshop, decorated with the size of the stone, fellow reporter curious, "make the horn bow factory how only so many piled stones?" To answer doubts, founder of the Austrian horn bow making company loose Dorje suggested reporters to get a closer look. Originally, each stone under pressure with a polished horn, the horn is the most basic raw materials make the horn bow. "The horns can only make a bow." Austrian pine Dorje introduction, "this is part of the ancient rule of the bow, the horn is too curved, so rely on the natural way to make a stone horn shape, a horn, to press a month." "Because this method is time-consuming, but also for stone, is a soft boiled cooked horn, horn shaped." Austrian pine Dorje, but this is not the ancient legal bow, although fast, but make the bow very short life. About making horn bow, Austrian pine Dorje heart there is a thick "bow spectrum". One of the most important steps of the horn bow is whether good shop bar, only paved the horn bow tendon, can withstand the archery bowstring pull. "Put the tendon tear into hair so fine, the better", O Song Dorje, "tear bar is completed, but also comb." Comb first put on the water soaked before reinforcement reinforcement, again picked up the wisp, tile, over and over again, to comb or broken short bars, leaving good reinforcement. To do a series of preparations, Pu steel program began, a wisp of thin wire reinforcement shop in the back, shade, a layer, and then dried, repeatedly, to shop more than ten layer. "If the figure is fast, shop three or four layers can also do, but……" Austrian pine Dorje shook his head no more. Global water tendon, tendon pigskin glue stick fishy taste, produce horn cut and polished when the same smell pungent, Austrian pine Dorje joked, "every time the comb bar, shop bar, then smell the horn smell, I have been smoked dizzy." The plant in another room, placed on the wooden finished already strung horn bow, lucky, this is the last step, the horn bow made air observation. Austrian pine Dorje picked up one piece, pointing to the bow and said: "you see here there is no paved reinforcement shop, you have to do." "Blacksmith, carpenter, painter; man, woman and child; knives, scissors, hammer horn, snake skin, feathers……" The Austrian pine Dorje with a series of terms describes making horn bow scene, he recalls, his friends and tried to make the horn bow to the number of statistical procedures, "in the end did not count, about 230 steps).相关的主题文章:

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