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How to treat patients suffering from lymphoma should handle three principles not long ago, the 26 year old actress Xu Ting was diagnosed with lymphoma died, she did not receive chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine therapy, such as blood vessel, abdominal puncture, pull ten finger bleeding, sparked concern on how to face the lymphatic tumor. A lot of people mention lymphoma, the first thought may be cancer has reached the lymph, then there is no hope, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Cancer is known to metastasize to the lymph node as a cancer of the lymph node, and the primary tumor in the lymph node or lymphatic system is called lymphoma. Popular speaking, the original lymphoma is normal lymph node or the lymphatic system slowly degenerate and eventually lead to malignant transformation; and lymph node metastasis are normal lymph nodes, dog in the manger "is the" enemy "occupation transformation. Therefore, the treatment and treatment of lymphoma, and lymph node metastasis of cancer treatment is also very different. There are many kinds of treatment methods, such as traditional chemotherapy, radiotherapy and so on. Got in the treatment of lymphoma, should grasp some principles, these principles are not the usual sense of the doctor from the disease itself to grasp the principle, but the need according to their own families of patients and patient factors to control. First, timely diagnosis and treatment. Some patients had lymphoma after thought particularly heavy, not immediately to the hospital for treatment, but every day is Voices of discontent. "Why am I, struggling with the disease? Is the diagnosis wrong?" Such problems. This mentality belongs to the category of tumor related psychology, however, once the clear diagnosis of lymphoma, it should overcome this reluctance to admit the mentality of early medical treatment, so as not to delay the best treatment time. Second, must be the standard treatment, do not believe the heresy. Some people insist that lymphoma chemotherapy and radiotherapy are the harm to human body, eat "physical conditioning" secret recipe can also cure. In fact, from the perspective of modern medicine, eating folk prescription behavior is extremely desirable, on the one hand, curative effect is exact, the 5 year survival rate was 36.9% for cancer patients in China, and the Americans never eat secret recipe, the 5 year survival rate was as high as 80%. On the other hand, folk prescription toxicity is unpredictable, the composition is likely to cause serious damage to the liver and kidney and other organs, "is the three drug". Third, choose the most cost-effective treatment. The treatment options for lymphoma vary widely, and the cost of each treatment varies widely. In chemotherapy, for example, both a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollars, the ordinary version of the program, there are thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on the deluxe version of the program. Lymphoma patients in sick early due to fear of disease cause confound, coupled with the understanding of the disease itself, sometimes make unreasonable actions, such as selling land to pay the "luxury" version of the cost of treatment, but these "Deluxe Edition" program may be efficient than ordinary version "" a few percentage points, there will be a fundamental reversal of treatment results. Therefore, we should choose the treatment plan相关的主题文章:

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