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Talk about the death of Huang Jiaqian and her daughter summer collapse: I’ll go to the Sohu   entertainment with you; summer (map)   Xia Keli, and daughter Huang Jiaqian to attend the activities of the Sohu summer entertainment news Wan media reports, Xia Keli and Huang Jiaqian recently launched a new book "because of love, accompany you to do in the book" princess, in addition to sharing and education the concept, also revealed many interactions between parents and children, and even to the topic of discussion proposed communication. Huang Jiaqian said, because the family dog had died, so at the age of 5 to the summer knows the topic of "death", she said: "let the children understand the meaning of death, they will cherish life." Soon after, she suddenly said to her daughter, "one day, I will die", so that the summer was scared, tears almost fell down and said, "you go I will go with you". Look at the summer crying, "I do not want to leave you, you do not leave me," Huang Jiaqian calmly to his daughter, said: "Mommy to tell you, in fact, this is a very good thing, a great thing." She cited the old dog died after the old, unable to walk, eat, but in heaven can be reborn, like humans, "each of us will go over there, you will see me, I will see you, so old and death is really not so terrible."   相关的主题文章:

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