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" I dream — speak out your dream series of activities " second – Sohu to help poor families but excellent in character and learning of the senior three students dream university, Guangxi lottery for three consecutive years from hundreds of high school students were funded, let them in the entrance sprint year was devoted to the study of menace from the rear. And, after entering the University, they began again to help welfare community chest new road. Therefore, " welfare dream — say your dream " series of activities; second, we chose Guangxi. " from Guangxi; lottery? Students dream of " the recipients of the students brave and confident about his dream. Their dreams, or with their families, or with their own future, or more people in need of help, or with the help of their own people…… The dream is not just a dream, or silently support unlimited power they encourage the. 1 Guangxi Normal University 2016 freshmen Liao Xia: to become the backbone of the country.   2 Anhui University freshmen Lu Xinfu: do not forget the beginning of the heart, and strive to become a talent, return to society.   3 Hunan University 2016 freshmen Wu Cancan: but good deeds unremitting self-improvement.   4 Shanghai Jiao Tong University freshmen Huang Yinhong: out of the mountains, see the outside world more exciting world of.   5 Dalian Maritime University 2016 freshmen Ma Haipeng: in the most beautiful years, make the greatest efforts, struggling to return to the family, social services, to serve the motherland, career achievements.   6 Shandong finance and economics university freshmen Su Rugan: study abroad.   7 Hubei University 2016 freshmen Wei Liuli: be what you want to be, do you want to do.   8 Guangxi Normal University freshmen Pang Feng: when an outstanding teacher, teach my students to be a strong, optimistic, positive person!   9 University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Pan Xiaoshan: team become a useful person to society through their own efforts, let Grandma to live a good house, and she is a tourist, two or three years into the micro public welfare platform, work hard to help more students like me, world peace.   into the University of them, in the realization of their dreams on the road ahead of courage. I willing to accompany all the way, all the children around, cheer for their dreams!相关的主题文章:

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