I had a close call oral daughter husband but despise my body dachiyouxiang

I had a close call: oral daughter husband but despise my body from three years ago to now, although the feelings between husband and wife is not like love so I always feel with vigour and vitality, at least in feelings, just did not think that I had this iron heart to marry, finally would be so on I. Last year I check out that she is pregnant, I very happy, because this is my husband with the crystallization of love, I have always felt that a family with one child is complete. In order to let the children healthy during pregnancy, I see a lot of knowledge about the baby. The labor time, good for children, I told the doctor I want to insist on birth, originally in the examination of the doctor told me that when the conditions are good, had no problem. Who knows the results is because I’m older mothers (thirty-two year old), so the process is very painful, help me deliver accoucheuse technology not, halfway look wrong, called the male doctor, my husband saw outside to let the men go, or stop, also said no male doctor to help me when the doctor was a scolding, he finally closed the mouth. I think now with her husband described the production scene, he should not understand, anyway, that a few hours, I feel that they have gone again in hell, but the child was born in good health, is a beautiful girl. But when the nurse took the child to her husband to see, he looked at his daughter, no longer speak. When the confinement, the mother-in-law serve me, mother told me very good, I saw the students are girls, she also did not say what, compared with the husband’s response is really cold chilling, but I still did not think that the child was born three months later, her husband told me that he wanted to divorce. I cried, I asked him why, he said impatiently: "I told you so, that you don’t let the male doctor who can be a result of it, or a male doctor to you. Anyway, so long my heart can’t pass this test. The thought of the picture, I will vomit. It’s not a date. Divorce." I heard her mother-in-law husband to divorce me, or this reason, angry scold him is a beast, also brought home several elders to enlighten him. But her husband insisted on leaving, we can not live without. Finally, no way, mother took her life to save the pension money 20W, said to be compensation to me, said the family, she can’t do it, son has never mind, she advised is useless, but she felt hurt me this thing is the biggest, she was very sorry I. I’m downhearted, took the money from the hands of her mother, with her husband signed the divorce agreement. The money is to take, her mother had no money, the husband will take care of her, but I have children to support. Not long after the divorce, when my brother helped me to pick up the remaining family things, see the house there is a 20 something girl with her husband together to watch TV with my husband, brother explained that his cousin. But I know, my husband has no cousin. My brother came back to me to say this thing, my tears came down again, I called to ask her mother-in-law, mother-in-law cried and said, do not ask, I have returned相关的主题文章:

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