In July and she roadshow run Ma Sichun sick platform (video) mcncc

"In July and she" roadshow run Ma Sichun sick Derek Tsang, Ma Sichun and fan platform photo Tencent entertainment news by Peter Chan, producer Xu Yuezhen, directed by Derek Tsang, Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun starred in the movie "in July and she" will be held September 14th National release. Director Derek Tsang, starring Ma Sichun movie debut in Dalian publicity campaign. Yesterday afternoon Ma Sichun was sick at roadshow for movie site. Many netizens said: "you should take good care of yourself, don’t be tired", "July, never mind, our city we will go to the cinema to see the film you don’t come." Friends warm heart move, moved Ma Sichun. Ma Sichun, actress Dongyu Zhou as two people have been in the area to create a youth film box office success starring Ma Sichun – "left ear" box office of more than 484 million, more than 1 billion of the movie "Tomb notes", also has become one of the most bankable star ranks, Dongyu Zhou starred in the movie "the same table for you" at the box office more than 456 million yuan, and. "One billion pairs of female main body" screen "for the first time in July and still". This year "in July and she" the first round of test piece, regardless of the media or the audience, praised the film is annual "surprise", "2016 most girls understand the movie" full of praise for Ma Sichun’s performance. Producer Peter Chan also said in an interview: "Ma Sichun’s role is very important, in fact, no matter how interesting Dongyu Zhou, more interesting still, 90% girls are in July, so the audience is the need for this July, to bring into this movie". Ma Sichun exclusive broke the news how to choose hairstyle and do not want to cut hair相关的主题文章:

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