Jieyang 19 year old guy died in a car accident brain death of parents to donate their organs to save haywire

Jieyang 19 year old guy accident brain dead parents donated their organs to save 5 of the Guangzhou Daily reporter Wang Wanli, 19 year old Yuan Weijia passed away forever, but his life in the 5 person has been extended. The day before yesterday morning, the doctor announced that he had died, medical staff and organ donation coordinator collective silence after his liver resection, two kidneys, and two cornea. Dongguan People’s Hospital doctor Zhu Zhuokun was deeply touched by Yuan Weijia and his parents, "this is the first case in our hospital, and I became a doctor for the first time in 8 years in active organ donation families, his family feel very great……" He said. Yuan Weijia is only 19 years old, Jieyang, working in a restaurant in Dongguan, October 30th at about 5 am, he was riding a motorcycle accident. Severe systemic multiple fractures, brain injury from his town street hospital was transferred to Dongguan People’s Hospital. At that time, the God of death was close to him. Father of organ donation son "in this case, we can apply his organ donation to the people in need of" city people’s hospital doctor Zhu Zhuokun remember, Yuan Weijia was badly wounded, bilateral mydriasis, a little bit of spontaneous breathing. By October 31st, Yuan Weijia had no spontaneous breathing, was diagnosed with brain death, want to wake up, recovery is completely hopeless. Accustomed to the life and death of the doctor, did not feel that he had any special. That the son of a car accident, on the morning of October 31st, Yuan Weijia’s parents arrived home from Dongguan. The doctor told them about Yuan Weijia. After a few moments of silence, Yuan Weijia’s father offered, "since that is the case, we can donate his organs to people in need." Zhu Zhuokun did not know how the old man suddenly took the initiative to have such an idea, perhaps outside the hall on the organ donation posters touched him." Zhu Zhuokun said. The hospital immediately contacted the Guangdong Red Cross, there are two staff members in the afternoon and Yuan Weijia parents come together to determine the willingness to donate, to assess whether the physical condition of the donor is suitable for Yuan Weijia. The doctor is the one family moved "son grew up in love to help others, I think he is willing to help others" signed a donation agreement, had to arrange for Yuan Weijia to take Guangzhou handle organ, but because of his physical condition is very unstable, with the consent of the consent of the families and discussed by transplantation, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University. The team rushed to the Dongguan People’s Hospital for organ. "Take the organ of the time is November 1st 2 am 08 points, this is the first case in our hospital, and I became a doctor for the first time in 8 years in active organ donation families, his family felt great, before many families of patients are not willing to own relatives after the death of another knife." Zhu Zhuokun said. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter tried to contact Yuan Weijia’s parents, but because the elderly at home too sad, they are not interested in an interview. Zhu Zhuokun said that Yuan Weijia’s parents, more than and 40 years old, in the communication with them, that they are very friendly. Dongguan People’s Hospital official told reporters that they and Yuan Weijia 2相关的主题文章:

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