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Jingmen farming land ownership contiguous "Shayang Innovation Forum in September 19th, sponsored by the daily farmers land ownership in Hubei" Shayang Jingmen contiguous farming innovation forum held in Beijing, discussing "Shayang innovation" experience background, connotation and specific path, promotion of great significance. Experts believe that the exploration and practice of Shayang county has the characteristics of stable contract right of contracted land, reasonable exchange, orderly transfer of management rights, the effective realization of property rights, is a great innovation in the rural management system and important to improve the rural management system, is also a successful practice of agricultural supply side structural reform. Jingmen is an important birthplace of farming culture in the Yangtze River Valley and a strong agricultural city in Hubei. In recent years, Jingmen in the rural land contract management rights is indeed the right registration certification of the provisions of the action at the same time, in response to public opinion, vigorously promote the exploration by in the light of its general trend, Shayang County innovation "by households contiguous farming" the "zixuandongzuo", through the deepening of reform of rural land, and promote the transformation of agricultural development mode, accelerate the pace of development of modern agriculture, improve agricultural comprehensive benefits, stimulate the vitality of rural development. Jingmen municipal Party committee secretary Bie Bixiong introduced, as of February this year, Jingmen City area of 1 million 559 thousand acres of contiguous farming by households, the overall rate of 47.6% contiguous, of which Shayang County contiguous farming area of 853 thousand acres of contiguous rate up to 89.6%, greatly facilitate the peasant farming, agricultural production cost reduced from two to 30%, by the masses of peasants and support. Experts agreed that the Shayang innovation is a bright spot in the current reform of agriculture, rural areas, is the implementation of the central policy initiatives. This is reflected in three aspects: one is at least provided an effective method for solving the farmland fragmentation problem; two is to provide a successful exploration to improve the rural land property rights system; three is to provide a useful experience for the country to do the right registration certification. This innovation conforms to the wish of the majority of farmers, agricultural production complies with the law, conform to the requirement of the continuous improvement of the rural land management system, from the source to resolve the contradictions and problems of land contracting management, in accordance with the current "three rural" practical, accord with the agricultural development direction, in accordance with the Central Document No. spirit. "Shayang innovation" to solve the current outstanding problems in agricultural production and management facing the construction of deepening the rural comprehensive reform and modern agriculture plays an important role in promoting, with typical guiding significance. Vice Minister of agriculture Chen Xiaohua Yin Chengjie, President of Chinese Agricultural Economic Association, the all China Journalists’ Association party secretary, deputy chairman Zhai Huisheng, as well as the central main news units responsible comrades, the leadership of the relevant departments in Hubei province and Jingmen City, Shayang County, attended the meeting. Tang Yuanjie, chairman of the Party committee and President of the farmers daily. Sweep code big Chu Jingmen, see more exciting content!相关的主题文章:

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