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"Luneng into sports +" series of activities held in Tianjin station second media — real estate —     people news September 3rd, Luneng Group sponsored "into Luneng sport +" Beijing media at the Luneng Taishan No. 7 (TianJin Railway Station) held a series of activities in the Tianjin Luneng Taishan No. 7. Beijing more than 20 first-line Media Editor to attend this event, and with the Tianjin Luneng Taishan tasting No. 7 project.     the series of activities, "entered the Luneng + sports" as the theme, divided into Chongqing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Ji’nan four stations, around the "ecological sports" and "health Chinese" and other words, and the Luneng "sports +" product line — Taishan Luneng No. 7 development concept detailed interpretation and experience.     service of "national fitness" national strategy, construction of sports estate ecological chain     Luneng Group has been with the sports industry has indissoluble bound. Over the years, Luneng football team and table tennis club for the country sent a large number of talents, including Zhang Jike, Li Xiaoxia and other Olympic champions. At the same time, Luneng is also committed to the development of the cause of physical education, the establishment of football, table tennis schools, sports enrich people’s lives. The sports gene and the high quality sports resources of the enterprise provide the impetus for the Luneng to build the sports industry real estate and create the "sports +" life style.     in October 2014, the State Council issued "on accelerating the development of the sports industry to promote a number of opinions" pointed out that the sports consumption, and strive to 2025, the total size of China sports industry more than 5 trillion yuan, has become an important force to promote economic and social development.     pointed out a new direction of national policy for the development strategy of Dongfeng sports Luneng, "a new national strategy, bring new responsibilities and opportunities for development, want to walk in the forefront of the Luneng era, assume the role of industry driven, shoulder greater social responsibility, creating more social value." Luneng Group official said.     Taishan Luneng 7 layout of the country, the realization of "ecological sports, health Chinese" dream     in recent years, Luneng group adhering to the "concept of the development of ecology, health, sports, entertainment, science and technology" five products, create international leisure lifestyle, provide the perfect experience for the customer. No. 7 Taishan Luneng Luneng Group is a typical representative of "sports +" strategy, the sports leisure industry chain derivative as the core, to optimize the combination of sports and residential real estate construction module, "Sports" elements of community life. The introduction of the extreme sports field, indoor football field, the elderly leisure square and other sports elements of the whole age, the formation of a unique "Luneng characteristics" of the complex movement of human settlements.     in addition, in terms of ecology, Luneng Taishan No. 7 using new energy technology, renewable energy community, build ecological corridor, living and ecological integration; in science and technology, to use the wisdom of network, travel and community life and health combined);相关的主题文章:

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