Ma Tianyu debut ten years out of the autobiography album set up shop for the first time in the past tokyo hot n0476

Ma Tianyu debut ten years out of his autobiography album pre-sale 1 hours shop top Beijing – the newspaper news (reporter Huang Ying) this summer’s hit series "-" that Ma Tianyu’s popularity soared again, he launched Strike while the iron is hot. debut ten years first autobiography "my this ronin". Inspirational life story with exquisite personal portrait, the online sale, only one hour on the shop sale list first. Many viewers love from Ma Tianyu, "come on, a good man!" Match. After the "young" detective Di Renjie "Gu Jian" "-" the little prince "" never thought "and many other popular TV dramas, and" where are you my dear "damn" tender "and other songs. Ma Tianyu harvest a large number of fans. Ma Tianyu said, "I am the ronin" is the first time he recorded his own story, hoping to bring some positive energy to everyone, because his life experience is a living inspirational drama. Born in rural Shandong, he was a poor dropout. But the days are sunny distress – grandma give a Cream Polenta Cake affection of jujube under the shade with a brush to his grandfather Weirenchushi road…… Entered the entertainment circle is not Everything is going smoothly. from Dezhou to Beijing, from washing dishes to clothing assistant, he passed a long series of frustrations. Today’s success is his insistence, and his diligence, admitted to Beijing Film Academy to study photography, performance, vocal music learning and playing the piano, diving and English, these are completed in the gap in his intensive records, filming, publicity, to participate in the variety show of the. According to the publisher said, "I am the ronin" included mood essay Ma Tianyu 150 unpublished portrait, 6 words of emotion, quite aspect.相关的主题文章:

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