Man forged a child birth certificate only for children to stay at school level pppd-175

Man forged birth certificate only for children to go to school a year recently, in the Nanjing District of Qixia, Zhang Hua holds a copy of the birth certificate to the Nanjing Public Security Bureau Qixia Yanziji police station, said it was wrong to change the son’s age, age. Police took over the birth certificate submitted by Zhang Hua, a closer look and found something wrong. Zhang Hua to provide proof of birth around the pattern blurred, suspected forgery, the police then played a suspicious but did not show up, asked where the medical certificate of Zhang Hua do? Zhang Hua answer is the home of the elderly do. The police casually asked a few words, then find an excuse to leave, duty sheriff, to the reaction of the situation. Then the police will take Zhang Hua to the inquiry room to understand the situation, Zhang Hua admitted that the birth certificate is fake. After understanding, Zhang Hua claimed the sickly son, the family elders fear their learning can not keep up, want to let it repeat more school year. Forged medical certificate of birth, the birth date pushed back, age becomes small, naturally can repeat, so he had the idea of changing age. One day, he saw a small ad in the vicinity of a bus station near the pole, saying that you can charge a variety of documents. So he contacted the other party, to explain the situation to the other 150 yuan, after receiving the forged medical certificate of birth of the other day after ten days. Zhang Hua thinks to deceive, but to see through the police. At present, Zhang Hua was arrested on suspicion of buying and selling state organs documents, documents, according to the law to take coercive measures. Police remind: birth certificate, ID card, degree certificate materials, Department of state laws and regulations of the legally binding documents, in accordance with the provisions of article 280th of the criminal law of our country, forged or altered, the sale of official documents, certificates or seals of the behavior are illegal behavior, state organs making use of documents, seals and documents is an important means of their certificates and in certain areas of society, some aspects of the implementation of management activities. Any forged or altered, the sale of state organs of the official documents, certificates or seals of behavior, will affect the normal management activities, damage to its reputation, thereby undermining the order of social administration. So, citizens should be in accordance with the law to the public security organs for the business, must not be in order to satisfy their own desires and to provide false documents.相关的主题文章:

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