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Men wearing slippers lost control of the car hit the 6 part of the injured are still in hospital early yesterday morning, the City Stadium on the sidewalk, a white SUV suddenly out of control after the start, causing 6 people were injured, damaged the two cars. Yesterday afternoon, the Municipal Public Security Bureau introduced the relevant circumstances of the accident. At present, the driver of the alleged traffic accident is under investigation by the police, 6 injured were minor injuries, some of the injured are still in hospital observation. [] the bus station next to the events, SUV suddenly out of control at 7:24 in the morning yesterday, the Three Gorges City Stadium Road Career Technical College door on the west side of the sidewalk, a white SUV parked facing the residential building, the rear is the bus stop. A young man wearing slippers, go out from the residents of the building, opened the door to start the car, at this time, the car about 3 meters away from the convenience store owner, Mr. Wang is giving the customer checkout. "Ah." Mr. Wang heard a scream, mother looked, I saw this white SUV to the right up the road, a middle-aged man was walking down in front of the brush, the car did not stop on the sidewalk, half turn onto the road, crashed into a dark car, then, the wild the car once again onto the sidewalk, knocked down in this waiting a few people, and hit the street shop next step, when the next circle, the front hit another car parked on the sidewalk, it stopped. "Hit 110." Mr. Wang called the police, while out of the store to see the situation. At this point, the surrounding people have stepped forward, it was surrounded by the car accident, some people take the initiative to see the situation down the ground. After receiving the report, emergency personnel Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade accident, police rushed to the scene to the hospital, the injured were rushed to hospital, the driver is controlled by the police. Yesterday morning 9 am, reporters on the scene saw the incident near the shop before the cement steps damaged a large. A reporter from the city hospital group and the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment accident learned that after the incident, after the first batch of 3 vehicles were scratched on the ground staff to the hospital, and 3 officers to the hospital for treatment. The medical staff carried out a detailed examination of 6 people, injured were different degrees of soft tissue contusion and skin trauma, no injuries, fracture etc.. 6 injured, there are waiting for the bus ride on the students, and a passerby was hit by passenger. Currently, 6 injured in stable condition, some of the injured are still in hospital observation. [police] initially ruled out the driver drunk driving may occur after the incident, the scene of the accident occurred on the part of the video on the Internet, many users have forwarded. At 2:30 yesterday afternoon, the City Public Security Bureau held an accident ventilation, the introduction of the relevant circumstances. Police said the driver Zheng 31 years old this year, stable work, family harmony, no mood swings before the incident. After the incident, the police conducted a comprehensive test Jeong, initially ruled out Jeong drunk driving, drug driving possible. When the vehicle department Jeong purchased in July this year, in 2011 August on the card, driver’s license, license complete. Zheng driving when wearing slippers, resulting in the operation of the slide, throttle, brake confusion, found the car out of control after a nervous mood, the Department of the initial investigation of the cause of the accident. Briefing, the police have to broadcast media from 3 different angles of video retrieval.!相关的主题文章:

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