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Many younger sister Yu Shuxin "the first grade" successful counter attack with the male god romantic kiss – Sohu entertainment fans sister Yu Shuxin "the first grade" successful counter attack   Sohu of Hunan satellite TV entertainment news "broadcast" the first grade has many sister Yu Shuxin male god fancy up to conquer the skills you is also with relish. Zhao Zhiwei and loveline development comparable to idol drama plot, all hold the princess, and would kill the romantic idol drama staged eleven seckill a public users pink heart, have called: this sugar is too sweet, get together. But let netizens thought food still behind: the latest trailer, Yu Shuxin Zhao Zhiwei this to kiss the quarrelsome lovers! "Many sister circles carry handle successful counter attack on the male God Yu Shuxin kiss as the saying goes" women wooing men vibration yarn "," many sister circles carry handle "Yu Shuxin chase love go the way of getting along. The words they can, "Wu" can show up fancy skills not only to gradually conquer the screen in front of the audience, even God is moved. In the period of the program, Yu Shuxin Zhao Zhiwei’s feelings in the quarrel quarrel play sweet warming wall thump Princess hold, men of God Zhao Zhiwei even agreed and signed a private customized version of the Yu Shuxin nanny code, various idol drama to see people not enjoyable! In the next program of the notice, the Yu Shuxin fans sister skills continue to kiss in the security aspects of the game in a good bestie hanging open, Pan Youcheng assists, a kiss and a male god Zhao Zhiwei! Yu Shuxin "many sister circles carry handle" title "! Miss Yu Shuxin will not only lift debris flow is still very warm kiss male god many intimate little sister Yu Shuxin of course to all the men of God is great, take the initiative to help Zhao Zhiwei sketch rehearsal task, more to teach people how to dress up as girls he spoiled the most charming and attractive, two sweet interaction is also the envy of others! From the first phase of the broadcast date, Yu Shuxin love move from netizens recognized the full screen now look forward to more blessing, Yu Shuxin side also gradually show in front of everyone, all thanks to her simple generous natural true character. In the first phase of the program, in order to comfort the sad sister Meng Ziyi, Yu Shuxin would prefer to accompany friends to participate in the examination; in good bestie pan to draw is not good at English song, take the initiative to help him remember the words marked in English translation. In the fourth phase of the program will be broadcast on students, because Zhao Zhiwei and Li Sha? The quarrel, emotions have become particularly low, in order to ease the tension of Yu Shuxin in, want to let everyone happy, even take the initiative to ask the friend to borrow villa party. There is a return to pay, from the beginning we think she "" now a lot of people have recognized, Yu Shuxin but also on their own strength to prove! Although the latest episode has not aired, the trailer has raised a lot of friends of the heart, especially for Yu Shuxin & Zhao Zhiwei was looking forward to a kiss. Users also have a message: Yu Shuxin was our sister fan community model, the skills we quickly get Yu Shuxin, up to the God point the day and await for it!相关的主题文章:

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