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Memories kill! The movie "crayon" highlights the prophet grab Sina entertainment news in November 4th, "jibixiaoxin: dream world assault" will be screened in the country. Film side exposed the latest poster. Theatre version of "crayon" on the big screen after the news came out, attracted wide attention. Release soon, the new theater version of what is wonderful, in this one for you. At the end of the high popularity of the film is the childhood classic regression classic "jibixiaoxin" theater version of the first time in 24 years to visit the mainland big screen, tells the story of Kasukabe nightmare crisis, and small partners to dream to rescue Kasukabe story. As a continuation of 24 years of classic IP, crayon, accompanied by a generation of growth. Netizens have said, can see the movie in the theater, the foot can be classified as the rest of life "series. The film at the box office this year in Japan and reputation, the Chinese in mainland theaters, whether can attract the audience memories of the boom, we will wait and see. Sell adorable music non-stop shuabao tease sister’s boyfriend Max this film, as in the past to keep "cheap small adorable" color, he still wore a thick skin close interaction with the big sister in the film, easily approached and beauty, as bursting point. "High cold girl" as a new franchise KOSAKI role, will kill with little love "". Two people’s feelings will be how to expand the line to become another aspect of this film. In addition, in the film, in the face of the threat and danger of the nightmare buddy, small forward, funny than wit to defuse the crisis, in the sale of more than max high adorable boyfriend, transition is the image of the crayon. Join the world of dreams to set the first refurbished theater version of the first to join the "dream world" set. The film side drying out the poster, the new big sleep, Kasukabe guard and a new home in the dream world in different attitude, not a headset incarnation idol singer Nini, the wind is the poker-faced wearing a suit, a counter before the dream set to add a lot of new stories. And make a dream world "dream machine" is a big mystery shrouded the whole. Everyone can find the shadow of childhood from my body. The new a love picture also zhichuo many people’s memories. This "jibixiaoxin: dream world assault" will be released in November 4th by the Film Group Corp, Chinese import, China film Limited by Share Ltd issued, 81 film studio dubbing, shadow adds a new choice for family view. (TG) (commissioning editor: hidden)相关的主题文章:

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