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Nanning will report the construction of cultural and artistic community theme activities – People’s network Guangxi Channel – People’s daily report of Nanning will build the theme of cultural and artistic community activities – People’s network Guangxi Channel – People’s network

source: update: 2016-09-30 21:48:59 classification: key words: city community, color, activity, masters, culture, art, calligraphy and painting, neighborhood, scroll, country Nanning 30 September, October 1, 2016, by the Guangxi Chinese Cultural Industry Investment Co. Ltd., Hsinchu community neighborhood committee co sponsored, assisted by Hongkong Yu Tang "Aquarius artistic and cultural community construction activities will be held in Hsinchu Community Plaza in Nanning city. The day of the event will be held in Chinese famous calligraphy and painting exhibition, Chinese folk painting and calligraphy masters to create painting scroll to send activities such as the motherland.

The exhibition will feature Li Tiangang, Wang Wenshan

and Wang Hui, Liu Jian and other four Chinese famous calligraphy and painting. Then, four masters will jointly by the Hsinchu community committees for a number of people’s art house to draw tens of meters long painting scroll, content to describe Guangxi’s natural landscape painting, poetry and calligraphy mainly in praise of the motherland mountains and rivers. Long after the end of drawing will be on display for the public to enjoy a day of learning activities, after the color culture works of permanent gift Hsinchu community neighborhood committee.

it is understood that the date of the election was held at the 67 anniversary of the founding of the motherland, with multiple meanings. Color culture in Hsinchu community committees, on painting and calligraphy art form, the Guangxi natural scenery, ethnic style painted on the canvas, in a special way for our country present, the expression of the motherland’s lingering feelings. This is one of the basic requirements of the party to the literary front, and also the key to the future of our literature and art. Only firmly establish the concept of Marx’s literature and art, truly to the people as the center, to play the maximum positive energy." This activity, color masters of the grassroots people, the creation of the canvas into the community, with many famous artists, folk painting and calligraphy lovers, together with the creation of scroll painting and calligraphy, people enjoy a magnificent picture at home can feel close to the traditional painting and calligraphy culture profound beauty, painters and folk art at the same time, occupation forces in creation. Itself represents a kind of masses, people centered, and people with breathing mind. Finally, bamboo culture, Hongkong community committees jointly color Yu Tang to actively promote the Aquarius activities, enrich the cultural life of the community, to convey the rich people with positive energy of cultural spirit, artistic connotation, with specific behavior, improve people’s aesthetic style, bring diverse culture to the community, to convey the humanities special value view.

activities on the same day, the general public are welcome to visit. (Wang Yong, Tan Shuaiyu) (

: Xu Jinwen, commissioning editor Chen Lulu)

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