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Nantong Haian Grand Theatre will audition for   and performing scenarios show — Jiangsu channel — original title: Haian Grand Theatre will audition time Oriental Song and dance ensemble large-scale global scenarios show recently, the reporter learned that the new County Bureau commissioned Shanghai Shanghai East Broadway theatre Management Co. Ltd. Haian Grand Theatre in October 16th for work operation. Audition day, invited the national art troupes and the company has a large global scenario show "Oriental Haian" love for the audience. In the past, China is the Oriental Song and dance ensemble, party and state leaders of the loving care to create new Chinese the most prestigious national art troupes, concentrated represents the highest achievement of music and dance art in China, the emergence of a large number of famous artists at home and abroad, creation and performance of Art works by Chinese and foreign audiences, footprints all over the country the representatives from all sides, Chinese visited five continents in more than and 70 countries and regions, has participated in an important state show, to promote friendship and cultural exchanges Chinese and all over the world, played a unique role to Cultural Festival ". Brought about by the Oriental Song and dance large-scale global scenarios show "Oriental love" is a "love" as the main line of musical works, by a young couple’s love journey, the national dance series one, not only to the current perspective let countries dance full of new ideas, but in a unique way of interpretation "love" is the eternal theme of human. "Oriental love" the 100 minutes, the audience will follow the dancers across five continents in ten countries, access to more than and 10 kinds of rare ethnic customs and the art of dance. The play will also "Internet plus" era concept and traditional performing art depth fusion, uses a lot of high-tech elements of two-dimensional code and other young people are familiar with, the hero dream world through all by two-dimensional code scanning this convenient movement, highlights the information age changing at the same time, will also stimulate the audience a strong sense of participation and interaction. "" Oriental love "this work is made as the Oriental Song and dance team, large situational creation of song and dance performances, is a special performance. Is a collection of a representative works around the world in various different countries and culture, promote the development of the plot by a line of clever, in the rhythm inside a story, the plot, by showing for each country, each nation’s culture and art reflect the theme of love." County Museum curator Ge Zhihua said, "and as a national song and dance troupe, the performance level is very high, at the same time in the show, they show the cultural diversity of the world, we can let the people of Haian, in the family circumstances, can see the cultural characteristics and cultural customs of all the world in a show. But the audition, the national first level actor Zhu Mingying will be the grand finale will give Haian people a surprise." Retired music teacher Wang Xiaohong that "Oriental love" in Haian is about the audition, particularly exciting, "Oriental Song and dance every dance learning people dream to work place, this time to watch such a high level of performance at the Haian site, it is very rare for me." Wang)相关的主题文章:

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