New middle class finance demand differentiation trend is obvious winavi video converter

The new middle class: financial demand trend in the new middle class differentiation is obvious in the picture, they have a good education, I have a good education, mostly engaged in mental work, good occupation ability and the corresponding domestic consumption, have their own housing in their own city, with professional knowledge and strong occupation literacy, and certain family consumption. In terms of investment and financing, the new middle class can invest in assets between 150 thousand -200 million, and the investment income as the family’s second largest source of income. At the same time, to the new middle class family wealth management, the audience is more extensive, more personalized needs. From the results of the survey, the investment strategy of the new middle class to "eggs in the same basket" as the guidelines. Concerned about the overall configuration, both to protect liquidity, low-risk savings, monetary fund, but also the pursuit of high-yield stocks, stock investment. In addition, with the devaluation of the trend, there are some new middle class concern overseas investment. A survey on the asset allocation plan, bank deposits, and high liquidity and safety of the monetary fund is still an integral part of the new middle class asset allocation, in order to ensure the normal and emergency expenses, more than 80% of the new middle class will be 10%-20% of the funds used for savings or money funds. In terms of daily security, the new middle class tends to use insurance to provide support for their children’s education, parents pension, health and other issues. 65% of the new middle class will invest up to $10% in insurance. Stock market, stock based and other new middle class is still the main way to obtain high returns. 85% of the new middle class is concerned or investing in the stock market. But in recent years, in the economic environment continued to decline in the volatility of the stock market, is impossible to guard against so, there are 64%, the new middle class tend to get a higher income to buy stock fund. In the aspect of financial products, since last year the central bank repeatedly cut RRR, make financial products yields continue to decline, only 32% of the new middle class will continue to maintain financial products investment, 48% of investors tend to reduce the proportion of investment. The devaluation of the RMB under the pressure above the new middle class affluent class especially high net worth crowd about RMB assets increased, some of them began to transfer of assets to overseas, or start the configuration to replace the dollar assets of RMB assets. For example, 15% of the new middle class to consider the allocation of large Hong Kong Hongkong insurance policy for asset transfer. In the expected return on investment, the new middle class in 51% of the people want to get steady income every year 5%-10%, without loss of principal; 29% of the new middle class to get more than 10% of revenue, can bear the risk of loss of principal; 9% of the respondents hope to get more than 20% of revenue; 11% of respondents with assets as the goal, hoping to profit expectations the following 5%. Survey shows that the new middle class investment and financing purposes, 48% of respondents will improve living standards as investment purposes. In addition, 34% of respondents want to protect their retirement life, and there are also 12% of respondents want to subsidize their children and their children’s education. Financial management mode相关的主题文章:

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