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Ni Ni cited sensation   into elegant appearance; a jewelry China first brand ambassador, entertainment channel, original title: Ni Ni elegant appearance into a jewelry China a first brand ambassador in September 2nd, an international top luxury jewelry brand hosted the opening event in Chengdu, Ni Ni wearing a black bra and pants with elegant appearance. Event, the Greater China brand group president Mr.Laurent Cathala announced heavy news: Ni Ni will serve as the ambassador of the brand, it is learned that this is the brand’s first Chinese brand ambassador, extraordinary significance. Since his debut, Ni Ni works in the film works on frequent, now has two as the first female over five hundred million at the box office movie masterpiece, classic roles, shaping a number of impressive this year, Ni Ni is the incarnation of model workers, continuous shooting movies, including Zhang Yimou’s daughter Zhang at the end of the directorial debut of "28 the age of minors", the annual IP masterpiece "Wu kongzhuan" and Tsui Hark, Yuen Wo Ping heavy martial arts masterwork "Qi Men Dun Jia", the Ministry is heavyweight reserve. In addition to the strong on the big screen, Ni Ni’s influence in the fashion industry as well as for all, is truly a fashion darling". In 2012, she started out on more than a series of magazine cover, blockbuster, according to incomplete statistics, now she had all kinds of fashion magazine has reached more than 100, performance is very bright, she was the only in the fashion of Oscar "Met Gala small artistes, much attention of fashion. Have to admit, Ni Ni’s own fashion taste has always maintained a high level, whether it is a grand red carpet, or easy street, Ni Ni was always the "good wear star people, good taste and beautiful shape temperament let her suck powder countless, also let her become a major international fashion brand good heart, international brand ambassador Ni Ni let the business value highlights. In fact, before becoming a brand ambassador, Ni Ni with the brand "brand has been keeping a close friend, in many important occasions, Ni Ni wore the brand jewelry, in May this year, Ni Niliang Cannes International Film Festival Red Carpet caused a sensation, at that time, Ni Ni will wear the jewelry brand. The legend of the romantic style of brand to meet the fantasies and desires of all women in the world, Ni Ni is a popular line of artistes, have the beautiful appearance and fashion temperament, cooperation between the two is really a wonderful collision. (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章:

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