Ningbo woman addicted to gambling, losing millions rent a luxury car price mortgage scam pgd-426

Ningbo woman addicted to gambling, losing millions rent a luxury car cheap mortgage money to open a luxury car is not rich, is also likely to cheat. Now the various social deception forms, often a day ago, impossible to guard against, the Municipal Public Security Bureau Li Zhou police station arrested a rented car scam woman. The evening of October 13th, an investment company located in the street outside Li Zhou stopped a brown Porsche Cayenne SUV, car down a woman image and temperament. She speaks Yuyao local accent, look thirty, dress is very appropriate, seems to be a rich man. A woman walked into the company, told the boss to put this car Porsche Cayenne mortgage. And tell each other, this car is a man who owed him money for her debt, in order to make a face of doubt, the boss believes the woman, from his bag and pulled out of the car driving license and the original owners for their own mortgage loan. So seeing women’s sincerity, the investment company boss and women talk about half believe and half doubt the mortgage price, and ultimately to 300 thousand yuan ultra low price agreement, this let the boss feel a little excited, thought: "the value of women really do not know the car or." After the agreement, the two sides began a series of mortgage procedures, until the time to pay the bill, some do not trust the boss is always looked at the woman repeatedly brought the driving license and IOUs, and on the other hand, women seem anxious to clear the deal, to get the money. Although it was already late at night, but grew more and more worried about the investment company boss or long in mind, the original owners of the phone call to verify the results, let him be startled at. The other side of the phone to hear the car to be secured, it is urgent, and quickly told the other side is a car rental company, the car was rented the day before, and immediately rushed to Yuyao from Ningbo. At this time, the woman’s lie was exposed, went away. October 14th morning, from Ningbo to Yuyao car rental company boss chose the alarm. Li Zhou police station the police immediately, and the night the woman arrested. After interrogation, the woman confessed his crime of fraud. Woman surnamed Duan, 37 years old this year. Section was originally a Yuyao people, family economic conditions are very superior. After marriage, in order to accompany the children to study, settled in Hangzhou. Due to his family, a section of a full-time mother. But have economic origin, let a feeling some empty, just want to earn money. A few years ago, a period of exposure to online gambling, from the initial small win to lose later, to the end of the bankrupt, within a few years, some have lost tens of millions, home to help her to pay the debt, became a negative. However, great Chuangxia a still obsessed, always think from network gambling Fanben to. Thus, a section of the car came up with a mortgage fraud means, would like to get hundreds of thousands of dollars, and so the money back on the right. The afternoon of October 12th, she was in Ningbo Yinzhou District a car rental company rented a Porsche Cayenne, then someone forged vehicle driving license and special mortgage IOUs, second days until the evening came to Yuyao to give the car to mortgage.相关的主题文章:

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