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"  Xuan Zang" before the date of issuance; stamp market is becoming warmer, painting and calligraphy — people.com.cn original title: "Xuan Zang" on the issue before the stamp market gradually pick up the original title: "Xuan Zang" on the issue before the stamp market is becoming warmer in September 4th, China Post issued the "Xuan Zang" special stamps, a set of 2 stamps and sheetlet 1. The name was "westbound", "east to translation" and "Xuan Zang like", full face value of 8.40 yuan. At the same time, China Post has also issued a special "Zhang Silian" small Zhang Zhang, silk material. The China stamp design of meticulous painting form, depicting vivid meticulous, elegant picture. Guangdong new Specialized Committee Jicang Investment Association director Wang Lijun introduced the famous series of stamps history most varieties at the low price, the price deviation value, but because of the market consumption increases gradually, the latter is expected to price will rise to a certain extent. It is understood that since the beginning of September, with the end of the downturn, Xiexia period months stamps began to reproduce the signs of active. Small Zhang four even more concerned about the "emperor" special stamps small zhang. In the "before" Xuan special stamps, postal Chinese in recent years also issued a "Confucius", "Guan", "Zhu Geliang", "Bao" four sets of historical famous series of stamps. Ancient famous series of stamps, 2+1 were used to release the scale of stamps are 1.20 yuan, small denominations are 6 yuan, also issued a small version of small four Zhang Zhang Zhang inhabiting different quality, the quality of silk four face value is 24 yuan. In the series of stamps, the majority of small sheets four Zhang even by the market blitz. The 2011 issue of "Guan" – from the beginning of the issue from 24 yuan scoop 2500 yuan, has now dropped to 2100 yuan. The 2014 issue of the "Zhu Geliang" stamp sheetlet four copies of 400 thousand, the first half of the market price of the highest in 2015 had risen to 1600 yuan, then fell. The current market price of about 820 yuan. The August 8, 2015 issue of "Bao" four piece stamp at the beginning of the issue that suffered panic buying, circulation of 500 thousand, the beginning of sale would show a strong momentum in August this year, the market reference price of 700 yuan. This issue of "four small" Siamese Xuanzang with a face value of 24 yuan, the sale of products as required by the book, China stamps online business channel Yaohao booking price is 468 yuan, while in some of the websites, the price has exceeded 700 yuan. Insiders said, is not a simple combination of a small piece, but a re creation, the theme of the special characters of rare, special material itself, coupled with limited circulation, is to be an important reason for collectors touted in the initial release. Since this package, a small version of outstanding performance in September, the price correction items, part of the price rise again, showing warming trend. Wang Lijun said, especially in the package, Xiexia period period, its performance is different from other varieties, some prices continued to rise, the market warms up, performance is even more remarkable, such as series of votes in the "red footprint" and ")相关的主题文章:

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