Overnight Xiamen Quanzhou are missing the PM2.5 value again burst table pretty rhythm

Overnight Xiamen Quanzhou are missing the PM2.5 value again burst table night gave me black eyes, early in the morning, uh…… And cover it again…… Love our photographers, ah, early in the morning with an advanced camera to go out, very hard to shoot for a long time, but also has been chased after asking, this is what? What is this?" He also told the brother, there is a mountain…… In fact, you said Jay Chou, brother will not doubt ah! According to the Quanzhou municipal meteorological monitoring, from the beginning of this morning, Quanzhou visibility is low, which at 4 pm Jinjiang monitoring station visibility is only 1.4 km to 7 am in the morning or 1.4 kilometers, you made it! This is a very bad news: today’s urban air pollution, the most serious place has reached serious pollution! According to the Quanzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau official data, from the early morning, is located in the Licheng district government compound coated Hill Street station, located in Tianjin tou Pu Tian Road and Huai street intersection station, located in the Luojiang district government compound in the VanAn Railway Station, the digital monitoring instrument, began soaring, from yellow into orange (good) (mild pollution), and quickly climbed up the red (moderate pollution), to four in the morning around has entered the purple (heavily polluted) – Tu Hill Street station leading the way, keep in purple, the most serious when AQI was approaching 250, the primary pollutant is also known as PM2.5! Environmental monitoring station data show Quanzhou real time air quality index was 166, belonging to moderate pollution! Although we did not see the Qingyuan mountain, but in contrast, it is: hold on until 10 in the morning, AQI slowly approaching 100, the critical line reached light pollution, even though the sun is not dispersed, always thought of going to Beijing to see the scene now also saved money! Such a low visibility, there is no accident ah! Who knows ah, brother can see ah, do not know the weather traffic police have what feeling, feel met occupation bottleneck, how will have such a low visibility sea ah, the reporter learned from the Quanzhou environmental monitoring station, because the "lid" inversion layer again! Popular understanding, warm and light in air cooler and heavy air above, forming a layer of air is extremely stable, like a lid, hung over on the ground, impeding the movement of air convection. Because of this, close to the ground in the air, water vapor, dust and harmful gas, is often said that the air pollutants, there is no road to heaven, gathered together in desperate straits." Quanzhou city environmental monitoring station expert analysis, air pollutants can not be spread, atmospheric pollution, harm to people’s life and property. But today the wind suck! This morning, the wind speed in the urban area is only 1-2 meters per second, equivalent to 1 winds, and sometimes static wind, if there are pollutants in the air, so that the environment is not easy to spread out, you shrink! This is usually the boss of the wind, and now you do not need you, so we have to go out today! Experts suggest that children, the elderly and heart disease, lung disease, should stay indoors, do not go outdoors to exercise; the general population, but also to reduce outdoor activities, so as not to inhale a large number of;相关的主题文章:

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