Peng Zhongtian Transformation of economic value by cultural advantage shuyue

Peng Zhongtian: cultural advantage into the economic value of John Chinese Zhongtian has shine with great splendor civilization of 5000 years of history, our ancestors left an unusually rich content of wealth for us, I called it the mine, is inexhaustible, is the unique advantages of Chinese. But the problem is that this advantage is not only not translated into significant economic value, and even become the burden of some departments. This is what I have often said that the performance of no culture, strictly speaking, there will be no text. Culture must be in word efforts, we do not lack good content, good story, the key is to find a new way of communication and expression, is accepted by the contemporary people and are willing to pay, this is the success of. If blindly copy, from content to form, which is called inheritance, it is difficult to market, internationalization! The primary task in front of us is not making paper (not lack this) but many good transformation, how to make China history precipitated by means of modern technology and the spread of new forms of art to the world, into the market and economic value. The reactive power, to make up for, Shouzheng surprisingly, our responsibility. Please pay attention to the micro-blog source=blog: Blog: pengzhongtian Sina collection of cultural exchange channel transmission of cultural property market health values相关的主题文章:

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