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Qianlong Kangxi monochrome glazed porcelain debut Beijing Cheng Xuan 2016 autumn auction Lot 847 Qianlong wash of 10.9cm grain Froude green glazed. (2) Diam. This style of folding along the disc called wash, the shape of unique, rare varieties of blue and white handed down, and the auction of powder body green glair, fetal wall is thin and light, decoration is also different with blue and white, and the glaze mold printing techniques, the process is more precise, specially for the emperor should be fired mid autumn for. Flow pattern of green glazed wash, wash heart decorated gourd, bamboo fungus, belt tied fruit, three bats flying clouds, and decorated with banana leaf deformation pattern, the application of powder blue glaze, white glaze Yingrun, even under glaze decoration elegant, clear, three-dimensional sense of the rich more under the background color. Lot 848 Qianlong imitation glaze vase brother string pattern 22cm. High record: Hongkong Sotheby’s, May 3, 1994, No. 111 porcelain with string pattern for the decoration, beginning in the Song Dynasty, Yong Zheng of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong two zhuimu porcelain elegant, this in a large shape, glaze porcelain of Song Dynasty as the prototype and changed, new varieties, string pattern has become an important element of such decoration imitation porcelain. The Qing Emperor Qianlong enamel imitation brother vase shape small string pattern, elegant juanxiu. The application of imitation brother glaze, enamel hypertrophy moisture, gold wire cutting uniform. The shoulder, abdomen and shin embossed string pattern mask in the thick glaze, in if there seems no, the pursuit of Song Dynasty porcelain charm, more elegant posture. Good quality and good quality. Lot 871 Kangxi clear sky blue glaze gongs washing 11.5cm. Wide record: London Christie, June 17, 1985, No. 478 at new Kangxi gongs washing room products, there are two kinds of cowpea red, blue glaze glaze, are popular with collectors. Kangxi clear sky blue glaze gongs washing flat belly, shape of neat, inside and outside walls are applying azure glaze, glaze glaze pigment net uniform moisture, elegant, like the sky after the rain. Beijing Cheng Xuan 2016 Autumn Auction porcelain crafts auction preview: November 8, 2016 to 10 November 12, 2016 morning auction: 10:30 location: Hotel Kunlun相关的主题文章:

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