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"Red Star over China Cai Guoqing" on-line interpretation of Beijing old gun – Sohu entertainment Cai Guoqing reported Caiming is like good eloquence Sohu entertainment news by Zang Yunfei as general director, screenwriter, director Zhao Dongyang white, white served as executive producer, Liu Tao, Cheng Haofeng, Yuan Ming, Huang Haibing, Chiu Man-Cheuk, Cai Guoqing, Deng Ying, Kathy Chow, Sun Qian, Sun Hao Qiu Lin, Jin Qiaoqiao, ray caroling, starred in the epic "Red Star over China" is Hunan TV hit crisis. The series aims to commemorate the eighty anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army Chinese, to foreign journalists Edgar? Snow perspective China Communist Party development and grandness of the historical journey. Recently, the famous singer Cai Guoqing line strength, voice, tea, visiting the pawnshop…… Behavior between expressed deep beijingstyle, vivid interpretation of a genuine old gun. Cai Guoqing praised dishes good eloquence "Red Star over China" by the Central Military Commission and Political Work Department propaganda bureau, Army Political Department comrades backstage, the Propaganda Department, the CPC Hunan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, Publicity Department of the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee, Hunan television station, Ningbo radio and television group, Zhejiang radio and television group, Guangdong Xinnu film group, Chongqing Kahn Film Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Red Coral film Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing Sunshine International Film Culture Co. Ltd., Liaoyuan Sheng (Ningbo) Television Culture Co. Ltd. and Tianjin spring film investment development limited, Xi’an red day Television Culture Communication Co. Ltd., Saatchi Liaoyuan (Beijing) International Film Investment Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Minda Cultural Industry Investment Co. Ltd., Beijing royal culture art Ltd, China National Trade Promotion association. In a recent broadcast of the story, Cai Guoqing’s gold in the fourth master international friends Edgar? In front of snow and Helen, performed a hole — reported Caiming, "what menu ah, this tasty dish soup ah ah, all in God’s head, coke, explosion Sauteed Pork Balls with Brown Sauce three, congbao sea cucumber, nine turn broth, Crab-Flavored Fish, Acer meat, fish, fried bad Cuttlefish Roe Soup, plus a pound of nvergong", a series of gold dish blurted out, his language talent and "chowhound" nature accentuates, users have praised the "not so good eloquence Tsai, a comic genius well." People show old gun son gas play, gold as a fourth master Edgar? Edgar and Helen to the landlord, it also become their understanding of national conditions and cultural China window. He not only taught the gold Edgar? "He lose the first battle, Misfortune might be a blessing disguise." and "car to Piedmont Road, Castle everywhere will be buried Zhonggu, also on" allusions, still living and working on the foreign guests give a lot of help, show the Beijing old gun on the body side of the brotherhood. In addition, he also actively support the patriotic movement of gold progress of the students, have a strong interest in Anti Japanese activities of tenants involved, he secretly cover the underground station, and see into the Anti Japanese rescue movement, showing the Beijing old gun son bones of the brave, generous. The audience comments: "the so-called" dared not country ", refers to as thousands on thousands of gold four"相关的主题文章:

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