Reminder Brent Ford Championship midfielder was suspended for 5 games winflash

Reminder: Brent Ford Championship midfielder was suspended 5 games of Football Championship prediction: Brent Ford vs Fulham game time: Beijing time date 03:45 injury summary: Brent Ford injured Henry (guard), Jia Qi (midfielder) against a doubt: C- Eldredge (midfielder) team striker Russell Webb has resumed training. The game is expected to battle, while midfielder Mccormack for insulting the referee, was suspended for 5 games, another midfielder Eldredge has a knee injury healed, questionable. Fulham is doubtful: ayite (midfielder), Callas (back) the current health status of Fulham players, midfielder ayite has recovered, the game is expected to return, defender Callas because of insufficient state, the battle is still a suspect. Analysis of the players: Brent Ford Brent Ford currently record 6 wins, 4 draws and 5 losses, a total of 22 points in the standings, ranking in the top tenth. The last round of the league, Brent, on the road than 2 gain victory with unstained swords, 0 beat QPR, won the first victory in 6 games. So far, Brent has scored 21 goals, conceding 14 goals, winning in 40%, Fulham this season also scored 21 goals, conceding 18 goals, winning 33%, data from the point of view, Brent’s performance is better on defense, a slight advantage, but overall, the gap between the two teams is not. Brent wins the game at home, or has the advantage of hemisphere. Fulham after the 15 round, Fulham is the result of a total of 5 wins, 6 draws and 4 losses, a total of 21 points in the standings ranked in the top eleventh. In the last round of the championship game, 5 more than 0 Fulham at home court killed former leader in Huddersfield, the game at Fulham at Craven Cottage stadium played before the team also swept the two fully and delightfully, much haze. Brent and Fulham are an integral, only first, not much difference between two teams, but Fulham this season away record is not ideal, played 4 games, only 1 wins 2 flat 1 negative results. In addition, Fulham in the recent game against Brent Ford is unsatisfactory, so the field team could continue to play at not hot, I do not know whether to reverse the embarrassing record at. Brent: the best striker in the team is the midfielder, Scott, who scored 8 goals in the league. Brent Ford in the past 4 games to get a record of 1 wins, 2 draws and 1 losses. Brent scored a total of 2 goals in the last 4 games and lost $5. Brent Ford’s last two home games 1 draws and 1 losses. Fulham Fulham in the last three games and Brent Ford’s clash, the 1 draws and 2 losses did not win. At the last 4 Games record of 2 wins 1 flat 1 negative. Fulham scored a total of 11 goals in the last 4 games, lost 5 balls. Editor: hunting ball – Green Ares相关的主题文章:

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