Shanghai in March next year, a total ban on smoking in public places 6 types of outdoor smoking

Shanghai in March next year the smoking ban in public places 6 kinds of outdoor smoking morning news reporter Zhang Yuxin Shanghai will soon enter the indoor public places "comprehensive tobacco control" era: yesterday morning, the thirty-three meeting of the fourteen session of the Standing Committee voted on Revising the "Shanghai city ordinance" the control of smoking in public places, new regulations will be officially implemented in March 1st next year. From the past, hotels, restaurant and entertainment venues allow smoking area into indoor smoking ban, the biggest change is the new regulations, which means that the various indoor settings "smoking room" almost will become history. Compared with the second opinion, the amendment also added outdoor smoking related requirements, specific requirements and clearly set indoor smoking room for special cases, can be formulated by the competent department of the government and its administration. In addition to the indoor full ban, the following 6 categories of outdoor public areas will be smoke-free: 1. Nurseries, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, children’s palace, youth activity centers, education and training institutions, as well as children’s welfare homes and other minor activities for the main public places; 2. Maternal and Child Health Hospital (children’s Hospital); 3. The stadium, the venue seating and game show area; 4. Cultural relics protection units open to the community; 5. A crowded area of public transport; 6. Other public places as prescribed by laws, regulations and rules. Violation of punishment, the new regulations clear, personal smoking in non-smoking places and do not listen to discourage, punishable by a fine of 50 yuan to 200 yuan.相关的主题文章:

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