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Shenzhen surprise checks 20 in the sale of real estate – Shenzhen Channel – People’s original title: the city’s surprise checks in the sale of real estate market, the city Bureau of Supervision Bureau of law enforcement real estate industry, causing media attention. In October 13th, Shenzhen City Market Inspection Bureau law enforcement officers on the distribution in the district in the sale of real estate 20 raids, focus on "disc", "opening sold out" false advertising marketing behavior. 13, market inspection bureau sent 12 inspection teams to the City Planning Commission also sent law enforcement officers to carry out joint enforcement, raided the east coast of Qianhai, rose, four seasons, Evelyn, COFCO Vanke Yuncheng, Shum Yip, Hepingli Xinyi, idiopathic Dongling Yu Long Fontana Gardens, peninsula city, Baofeng court, good Indus court, center Tianyuan Chenghan, half mountain, Jinzhong Yunshan habitat, Haicheng, Songhe Park, heart Rui liantou, United Oriental Xintiandi and other 20 projects. Found in the presence of some real estate market false propaganda, unfair competition, price violations and other illegal acts. On the morning of 10 pm, the reporter went to the east coast of Qianhai sales offices, law enforcement officers have been examined in real estate information. According to the evidence from the east coast of Qianhai, the approval of the pre-sale permits can be sold for 910 housing units, the opening day sold only 140 units, less than 2, while the external propaganda of "opening day, 2 hours fresh off 9", the existence of man-made hot illusion, disguised push up prices etc.. Subsequently, the reporters follow the law enforcement officers came to rose, four seasons. After investigation, the real estate opening day sold 165 sets of houses, and publicize the "opening day sold more than 300 sets of houses" inconsistent. In addition, the real estate pre-sale permit approval can be sold for 814 housing units, but the opening day only launched 360 sets of suspected cover Xishou, by delaying the sales profit. Law enforcement officers found that some of the real estate market is suspected of high-quality education. In the east coast of Qianhai on the East Sand marked a kindergarten, but it is not actually planning kindergarten. Real estate announced that the project with Nanshan experimental school, but the school has not yet been built in the area, the specific circumstances still need to be confirmed with the Committee and the education department. This is suspected of making high-quality educational resources, misleading consumers rational judgment. Law enforcement officers found that the marketing center has two places where the price of publicity, but the same set of different housing prices. For example, the actual price of a set of 10F sold 3 million 100 thousand yuan, but the scene to see the same set of listings price is $about 3300000. The inspection did not find the relevant information on the site discount discount. So, whether there is a discount, or under what circumstances there is a discount, the consumer information is not open, transparent. The east coast of Qianhai real estate at the entrance, had used for drawing a large disk. 13, when the law enforcement inspection, a staff member quietly removed the brand, but law enforcement officers have already photographed evidence. Law enforcement officers said, "Anti Unfair Competition Law" provisions of the lottery prize up to more than 5000 yuan, the real estate sales award sales, the lowest award is set to 10 thousand yuan, the highest award is set to 60 thousand yuan, suspected to constitute unfair competition. (reporter He Yongwen Zhang Yaobo) (commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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