Shenzhen during the national day part of the size of Maisa bus stop temporarily canceled adobe gamma

During the national day of Shenzhen, part of the bus stop to cancel the 2016 National Day holiday for the period from October 1st to October 7th, a total of 7 days, a total of days. To make holiday bus security work day in Shenzhen City, the Municipal Transportation Commission will through the CDB holiday line, transfer capacity, reserve emergency vehicles, extension bus lines Business Hours and strengthen field duty to safeguard the public holiday demand for bus travel. During the period of ROC area bus security operation line of Dapeng Peninsula holiday National Day holiday, the Shenzhen Exchange Commission arrangements 50 units of capacity to open 5 Dapeng Peninsula holiday line, namely the Dapeng Peninsula holiday line 1 line (Blue Bay terminus – new distribution center), line 2 (Futian transport hub – new distribution center), line 3. (new distribution center – Nan’ao line 4 (Yang Meikeng), the new distribution center – West Bay Chinese School), line 5 (new distribution center – Tung Chung). Also, the E11 line (Nan’ao – Shenzhen North Station) increased to 20 units of capacity, line capacity allocation from 51 vehicles increased to 71 vehicles; M423 (ROC National Geological Park – Dapeng station) increased 2 units of capacity, line capacity allocation from 2 cars to 4 cars, the maximum to meet the travel needs of the people. Arrange 40 car emergency capacity (Nan’ao station parking 20 cars, 20 cars parked in the new distribution center), is mainly responsible for the emergency evacuation of Dapeng Peninsula security services, such as the emergence of a large area of stranded passengers, can be combined with the actual situation of road traffic conditions will enable the emergency response capacity, and distribution to the stranded passengers near Yantian and Luohu and Longgang area in the bus station or subway, to provide convenient conditions for the transfer of passengers. During the size of the Meisha area bus protection line extension Business Hours National Day holidays from October 1st to October 3rd, the unified Meisha area J1, M437, 380A departure, 380B, 103, 103B, 308, 387 and 8 lines of Business Hours extended to 2:00 the next morning; from October 4th to October 7th, the United Business Hours extension line to 24:00. Cancel part of bus stop for Yantian dock Meisha area at the peak to receive hundreds of thousands of tourists and tens of thousands of vehicles, facing greater traffic pressure. Therefore, during the National Day holiday, all through the Mei Sha hospital (bilateral) bus lines to cancel the site docked. In order to improve the efficiency of 380A and 380B 2 bus lines, in the National Day holiday period, the 2 bus lines from the bus station out of dock Meisha Meisha street turn right go ring Mei Road speed, cancel the call "beach, ZTE University, 000 Science Center" 3 single bus stop, stop increasing "OCT East Bus" 1 single bus stop. In order to avoid the congested road, the National Day holiday period, J1 and M437 line 2 bus lines to temporarily adjust via the road and the stops, the original ring via Mei Road, salt road, Kwai Mei Road, ring ring, BIOLUX Yanba high-speed road connecting the original temporary adjustment for the road, Yan Mei Mei Road (West Ring Road) Mei, ring road, Yi Road, Yanba expressway connecting the original road, and temporarily cancel the call "Mei Sha Street" on the 1 bus stop..相关的主题文章:

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