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Sichuan dialect pronunciation of "speak" to pure Sichuan dialect (Figure) – in the new online banking Yong GUI recorded the scene in Chengdu Sichuan online news (reporter Yang Lin) to teach a lifetime sports Yin Yonggui never thought that, after two years of retirement he took part in a special language test". "Silver teacher, eyes look at the lens, do not float." A hot afternoon in July at the Sichuan Normal University, indoor voice, Yin Yong GUI is facing the front of the camera, behind the story of Chen Mapo in Chengdu, the story of the lens, is a professor of Sichuan Normal University and Zhou Xu and his team study. This "test", it is the Sichuan dialect pronunciation in Chengdu, Jinjiang District survey site, but also one of the contents of language resources protection project in Sichuan province. In May this year, the project started, our province in 20 points (District, county and city) recruited a number of community oriented dialect pronunciation, through written records, recording, camera and so on in Mandarin and local dialect, the collection of data in the digital way in the national language and cultural resources in Sichuan Province permanent base. Zhou and Xu in Guangyuan dialect for recording overturned: "old man" is most suitable for men over the age of 60 is relatively more authentic language, other language interference, so is the focus of the investigation. The Ministry of education and the State Language Commission launched the background China language resources protection project, Sichuan also launched a language resource protection project. The administrative division as the basis, taking into account the characteristics of Chinese dialects in Sichuan province area, from eligible regions from the survey of 91 representative countries, the investigation point of 33, the Sichuan provincial survey point of 58, the total number of ranks highest in the country. Chengdu Jinjiang District is a national survey point. Zhou Jixu introduced, in addition to paper records, the provincial survey mainly adopts the recording mode, and a national survey by way of video, "in addition to record voice, through the video also will observe the speaker’s mouth." According to the provincial committee responsible person, each survey point to 4 people, 3 local dialect pronunciation of Mandarin pronunciation, the dialect pronunciation of people including older men, older women, young men and young women a. In the pronunciation of the dialect, we pay more attention to men over the age of 60, because they are more authentic language, less interference by other languages, their pronunciation will directly affect the quality of the acquisition." Zhou and Xu said. Wang Songtao: not too good in Mandarin dialect pronunciation application must first after the interview, the candidate will be confirmed by the investigation team of experts, including background, dialect, dialect rhetorical tone level. To become people’s dialect pronunciation, say Sichuan words on the line, but also to meet some excellent conditions, including: 12 years ago did not leave the local resident; not in the field, can speak idiomatic dialect; loud and clear; not complete teeth leakage; family language environment is simple; my three grandparents and their spouses are for the local people; and no more than one year experience in the field of life; education for primary school to high school (secondary school). The head of the Zigong survey and the head teacher of Sichuan University of Science and Engineering.相关的主题文章:

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