Sky fire premiere Daniel Wu staged a love boat tracker pigeon blood

"Sky fire" premiere Daniel Wu staged a "love boat tracker" An Dongwen Xia Qi Chen Zhi photography camera Sina entertainment Daniel Wu [micro-blog] was hit nose askew, Chang Hsiao Chuan [micro-blog] Parkour + jump, Zhang Ruoyun [micro-blog] from the ratio of "small dog", the new film "the man of God into the collective runaway fire" on the 13 day premiere in beijing. Director Ringo Lam took three men of God, plus two goddess Zhang Jingchu [micro-blog], Amber Kuo [micro-blog] debut. Asked about the film characters, Lam a word, called the five character set in accordance with the five line, Daniel Wu’s "gold" is not afraid of red fire, Zhang Jingchu, such as "water", a Ruoyun like "fire", Chang Hsiao Chuan and Amber Kuo are interdependent, "land" and "wood". The last part, the five actors picked up the rope, staged a "love boat tracker" and "jump rope" drama, style is not unique. In addition, "fire", Zhang Jingchu Daniel Wu is a towering ten years later "disciples" again, Daniel Wu lamented, "I get older, she become mature". At the same time, it is also the first shock the big screen popular actor Zhang Ruoyun, talked about the relationship between drama and Amber Kuo, he thinks he is "little dog", "see the pretty girls want to go on a bite". Asked the little meat, lam from where Zhang Ruoyun took the topic, the other said, "no small meat Lam film, only a good actor." Talk about the role of analogy for Zhang Jingchu Lam five accused director "forced" people too much "cupola fire" tells the story of scientists led by Zhang Jingchu mastered the mysteries of regenerative medicine, and the various people for various purposes to start a life and death battle. As a banner of early Hongkong films, whether it is the early "storm Trilogy" "" "school situation" favourable turns in life "prison", or just last year released "mystery city", Lam works from some coasters, shooting and other thrilling scenes, filled with a deep sense of masculinity. This is no exception. Asked in the intricate relationship between the characters, Lam a word, called the five character set in accordance with the five line, Daniel Wu’s "gold" is not afraid of red fire, Zhang Jingchu, such as "water", in the film on turnover between the parties, Zhang Ruoyun like "fire", just want to revenge, Chang Hsiao Chuan and Amber Kuo are a pair of "siblings" together, like the relationship between "indigenous" and the "wood", depend on each other. In the part of the group’s visit, and asked about the relationship between director Ringo Lam, Zhang Jingchu said the director often put people into a corner, "she recalls in the first scene is the collapse of drama, the day just rush past, not in the state, he asked the director more ready for a little time, do not want to directly to the director she shouted," so what, immediately began." However, she also said that because of this, but there is nothing new actor, may. The side of the director apologized, admitted in the studio too much pressure, but not for the angry actor, but hopes to make a good movie. Daniel Wu ten years later, once again to join hands with the old feelings of their own, this is the successor of Daniel Wu and the subsequent successor of the disciples of the past ten years, once again, the cooperation of the next year, the next year, "the disciple" again after the cooperation of the years. Again asked about the experience of cooperation, Daniel Wu said with a smile, the last is to protect Zhang Jingchu, this is to protect her, said with emotion, "ten)相关的主题文章:

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