Smiled very little hit Hu Haobo stayed in doubt — adorable on-line spy enterta soojin

"Smiled very little" hit   Hu Haobo stayed in doubt — adorable on-line spy entertainment channel, according to Gu diffuse novel of the same name online, directed by Lin Yufen, Zheng Shuang, Yang Yang starring urban youth idol drama "smiled very little" in the East, two Jiangsu satellite TV, after the broadcast the topic, quickly occupied the top position, triggered National Opera boom. The play, in addition to sue to the explosion of the couple turned large dog food, other distinctive characters are also of concern. By the new actor Hu Haobo played a cool programmer, a line will come to the fore, the audience was very hot hot Meng meng. Fear of female programmers "scare" on the line, Hu Haobo was really scared of Hu Haobo in the drama of the play of a cool, is a genius programmer, was dug to the company of. A cool before the best man was a woman, and then he will feel that the woman is terrible and suffering from fear of female. Slightly to the company internship, was deliberately arranged in the hands of a cool, so cool every day was a little scared, always in the mood of panic, there is a smile". Hu Haobo said with a smile, a cool one is probably the most miserable, because every day to be frightened and scared by all people. There is always a face of panic, cool come with MOE points, will soon be playing bad. Hu Haobo revealed that there was a scene where he was going to sit there, scared to come and talk to him. When ready to shoot, he is silent drama, Zheng Shuang came to find him a word, called a cool O brother, he reflected on the conditions, really scared…… Zheng Shuang and the crew were funny enough to laugh. How to interpret "unique rare syndrome gynophobia" in this life, Hu Haobo jokes that only rely on the imagination to explore. When the initial test, as a new actor Hu Haobo particularly serious, a record three different versions of the performance to the crew, try to use different ways to express their understanding of the role and the creation of two degrees, the final sincerity touched the director Hu Haobo, got the part. Not to lose weight by the director supervision and then play lead slightly night run squad group first entered the Hu Haobo face with the baby fat, 12 graduated from Hunan University performing arts professional Hu Haobo, before this movie was to switch to do with Internet related work, so just come back when not filming to adjust to the best. During filming, the director asked Hu hoppt to lose weight, in order to make the character more perfect, Hu Haobo immediately taken seriously. After work, he never went to participate in various meetings, but set up a night running team, basically a group of people was he ran with the night. Within a month, fasting and exercise to lose weight 25 pounds. Slim, perfect counter attack, remarkable attitude. But because I did not expect him to be so thin, the director saw the results of some regret". There is a drama, Hu Haobo plays the game in costume styling, but to the scene no one knew that he was a cool, everyone was shocked, Yang Yang even joked that long so beautiful. Hu Haobo said, thank you very much for the opportunity to give the performance of the show, as a young actor, but also in everyone to learn a lot of regardless of相关的主题文章:

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