Stars change will be exposed to the TV drama concept Poster (Figure)

"Stars" will shoot a concept poster TV exposure (Figure) "stars goes" concept poster of Sina entertainment news September 18th, popular writer I eat tomatoes in micro-blog released a concept poster fantasy blockbuster "stars goes", has announced that the novel will be adapted into a TV drama. Drama version of "stars goes" copyright by the light media and reading group, and will join the gold medal screenwriter Chai egg, linkage development’s fantasy blockbuster super IP. "Scrambled egg with tomato" turned out "stars goes" poster cited hot September 18th morning, I eat tomatoes in micro-blog released the "stars goes" first poster, announced the drama version of "stars goes" in the preparatory period. In traditional Chinese China poster style will diffuse the protagonist image showing black and white color with red "stars" three words, fantasy temperament filling. The egg is netizens that adaptation of the classic IP "stars goes", have said "look", "hot scheduled", also the netizen of the two writers together, they are called "fried tomato egg" combination, "top collocation". The light of the media and reading group invited hot Chai egg as a screenwriter "stars goes" screenwriter, the egg of IP adaptation at once successfully launched the hit series "network addiction", "drama" also aired soon Sheng potential. "Stars change" the original style of the overall bias to the male audience, and the area of the past is good at different areas. Chai eggs also admitted that the drama version of the stars change script will be based on the full respect for the original, adding some emotional plot to take care of the female audience. IP joint development of high-quality resources to create the fantasy blockbuster network station linkage "stars goes" adapted from the media light and reading group in hot Chai screenwriter egg, together to create this classic. The light of the media in recent years to adapt IP, successfully produced the "dragon tactic", "left ear", "with Anthony through the long years" quality IP, and involved in IP development, production, promotion, publishing and other fields, has a strong ability to issue the product. Reading literature group is backed by Tencent literature and Shanda literature, is currently the world’s largest genuine Chinese electronic library, the largest source of IP. The powerful combination, the two sides will change the stars IP optimization, strong resources to join forces to build the top IP. At the same time, the media will achieve the light version of the stars change network platform linkage, which is synchronized in the TV and network broadcast. It is worth mentioning that, in recent years, the light media has been focusing on the production of the film, publicity and distribution, the development of the top IP stars change, it is an important measure in recent years, the media into the network drama. It is reported that the novels "stars goes by" I eat tomatoes since 2007 in the starting point Chinese online serial, the comprehension of the world as the background, the integration of "The Classic of the Great Wilderness" content and style, tells the story of the "moron"’s three son Qinyu counter attack story comprehension. The novel to the huge world view and rich imagination captured a large number of fans, has won the fiction list first, and has been developed for the same name online. So far, the stars change is still a huge discussion. Would like to know, "tomato scrambled eggs" combination and light media will bring us what.相关的主题文章:

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