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  suffered a severe drought; National Day Weiyuan dangshen prices – Gansu Channel – original title: Weiyuan suffered a severe drought National Day dangshen prices all the way up to the territory of Dingxi Minxian, Longxi, Weiyuan is rich in medicinal herbs, but from late July 2015 to August 22nd this year, nearly 400 days, Dingxi city suffered a rare rain, for the worst drought since meteorological records in the Dingxi real estate, Chinese herbal medicine affected production prices generally rose. In Weiyuan the "white dangshen" as an example, the price soared in mid August amounted to 65 yuan kg. Hard to find new drugs in the market in September 27th, a rain quietly wet Weiyuan County mountain chuanny. 8 pm, reporters rushed to the medicine market in Weiyuan county is located in the suburb of the source. "This year dangshen price does not so high this year, the year before 8 yuan catty, prices in the first half of last year is 7-8 yuan before dangshen Jin, autumn drought after it rose to 12 yuan per catty. Artificial high prices low, a medicine man of enthusiasm is not high, which is one of the reasons for the production of Codonopsis pilosula." Lei Shuangcun said the person in charge of the medical information station. The price will rise as dangshen, Lei said Shuangcun stock depends on the goods, if the goods, prices should stabilize. In this season, the new market is sufficient, and this year new products are rare. This time last year small fur in the price of 2 yuan catty, and later rose to 4 yuan kg. This small fur (2 years old) has 7 yuan in pounds, even so, also hard to find new drugs in the market. If the next year drought, the price go up no base. The bare plots than medicine seedlings, the reporters came to the town of Qingyuan Niejia village Hejiawan agency, told the villagers Du Yayu came to the embankment next to the ground, he said: "you see, alas, inside there is no medicine, sun light. This kind of time spacing of 3 cm, spaced 25 to 30 cm, if normal, a shovel down yibazi. Now the land is basically no dig head, down to the ground even if the." Du Yayu gestures. Looking ahead, after the rain in the bare land is Codonopsis Codonopsis seedlings more than. The way down the mountain, the reporter walked into another piece of land by the roadside dangshen is basically the same, and the front see, eyeful bare land. While the price of Dangshen Festival soared this year National Day, dangshen and a fire. In October 5th, the price of medicine market in Weiyuan Wei source of Dangshen in the previous stage after a smooth zaiduofali. In October 5th, 52-65 million kilograms of Dangshen system, a small 0.4cm below 54-60 yuan kg; dazhongtiao 0.6-0.8cm, 65-75 yuan per kilogram, and compared with before, rose significantly. The news that the medicine market source a stevedore master’s wife pressed tons of Angelica tail, to earn tens of thousands of years work, don’t have to. The reporter learned that, in the price of Codonopsis seedlings also homeopathy "worth raising". Nursery area affected by the drought, severe atrophy, estimation of listed next year than this year dangshen seedlings declined a lot, but the recent strong rising prices and the price of dry cargo goods, the main producing areas of the species of Codonopsis Yaonong next year will strongly).相关的主题文章:

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