The 13 day Betfair SMG super profit and loss index very precious in Bulgaria

The 13 day: Betfair SMG super profit and loss index quite a Bulgarian spdex super index SMG 003 Chess Rumsfeld (main) VS League Sheffield United in the seventeenth round of the November 13th 22:15. Chess Field home court against Sheffield United, the two teams in 4 games, the home team to win 1 games, draw 1 games, losing 2 games, winning 25% win rate: disc: 50% ball rate: 50% at a disadvantage. The last 10 rounds of the tournament score of 2 wins and 1 draws and 7 losses, the last round of the 2-0 away victory over Crewe made 2 game winning streak. The 10 round of the tournament had 6 wins, 3 draws and 1 negative results, the last round of the 4-2 away victory over Grimsby made 3 game winning streak. Super network index showed that 26-22-51 index in early trading away is the main battlefield of the capital, will dial turnover in more than 240 thousand spot may break million. There are obviously two funds in the early Pathfinder guest, guest can price has been hovering Betfair was not significantly reduced in the range of 1.81 to 1.71, investors concern Betfair price trend. Simulation of profit and loss of money into wins in the Pathfinder is still in reasonable space, thermal index and variance was also opened kaili. Can the guest and his anxiety has been listed index. As to the guest spot simulation does not increase significantly and the price will break is not reduced obviously, the guest should be played smoothly. Winning or losing the election: the first choice of negative   second election wins spdex super index SMG 006 Bulgaria (main) VS Belarus pre world group A group of the first round of, at 1 on November 14th. Bulgaria vs Belarus. Two teams in nearly 4 games, won the 3 game, draw a game of 0, losing the home team to occupy the obvious advantage of the 1. The home team is currently ranked eighty-ninth in the world, has a history of 7 reached the World Cup finals, the overall strength is higher than the opponent, but also a rich opponent competition experience. Currently the 3 round of the Group recorded a record of 1 wins and 2 losses, currently ranked A in the group of. It should be noted that the home team for 5 consecutive games lost at least 3 goals per game, there is a huge defensive end loopholes. The visiting team in Europe belong to the middle level, currently ranked seventy-seventh in the world, the overall competitiveness is limited, the 3 round group phase recorded 2 flat 1 negative record, accumulate 2 points in the last second A group. It is worth mentioning that the style is more tough, the road have experience, although the team hard power, but it is not at the mercy of. Super net index showed that 36-38-26 index slightly draw zhandexianji. Betfair standard disc volume more than 150 thousand spot may exceed one million. The early outcome of the flat have no obvious Pathfinder funds, financing is still in a reasonable simulation of 7~12~-24 – space, can be hot and cold from the index opened flat anxious together. Kelly 6-2-19 found no significant variance of Peace Bureau opened, but the draw is the most consistent company of spinach. The disc open the Lord let the hemisphere high water can be super index net conversion is always tied hemisphere disc. The game is the most likely draw. SMG recommended: preferred flat flat   second choice: 2 wins the two fat相关的主题文章:

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