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The 3 room is split into 6 houses will become occupation middleman landlord formicary last month 21, we reported that Jiaxing has a Miss Xu house to caoxing man, can not think of things, he put the house into a group of rent, as a middleman landlord. In the past nearly a month, suddenly a Mr. Yang also called us and said that his house was also the name of Cao was rented, was also made a group of rent. The original Cao Xiujiang is specially engaged in this business, he belongs to the occupation two landlord. Mr. Yang is not willing to rent, but can not find the name of cao. Why repeated chaos group renting Mr. Yang’s house, in the city of Jiaxing Jia Jing Yuan 7 building area of 124 square Sanshiyiting. In early October, Cao Xiujiang, Anhui to rent a house. Mr. Yang: he said to rent to the company’s employees and leaders live, when he rented, said that the decoration inside. Company employees and leaders, should not freeze, in October 12th, the two sides signed a rental contract, agreed to a monthly rent of 1600, a contract was signed for three years, and the agreement, shall not sublet. Mr. Yang: he said that after the renovation, your son will not have to marry after the renovation, and then I think about that three years on the three year. Mr. Yang’s wife: he said employees live, I said you so many employees? He said you don’t ask. Then I think I received the rent so many people are embarrassed. Three months rent, a deposit of $1600, plus a year of property charges, a total of more than 7 thousand and 100 dollars into, Mr. Yang and his wife, at ease to start the landlord. But in October 22nd we show suddenly found the middleman landlord Sheng Cao Xiujiang villa, is to rent their house people. Will not be their own house, but also get groups rent it? Mr. Yang was surprised, immediately ran home to see. The Yang family from the three rooms, six rooms into Mr. Yang: here he is found across the wall, I said you can not move, he said I added you rent, rent and I said no, I said I don’t want you to rent. I said you add me eleven thousand months rent i do not rent to you. I said I can’t rent this house. Mr. Yang’s wife: come in, the heart is cold, the house has become like this, when the time came in, really have a kind of bitter can not tell the taste of the same Yang: I say how do you do? I said what I call you a "new complaint, said" so he said, and he said you left me a way out, or I will jump, he said I will give you the whole reduction. Mr. Yang: wife begged him not to expose him, make him a way out, he and his son have a daughter, he said his words he exposure to jump ah how. Then we think it is not easy to work outside, so that you give me back to the original, no exposure without exposure. The couple then believed the words of Cao Xiujiang, that he would really restore the house. Unexpectedly, a few days ago, they come to see, it is said that a set of things to do, what furniture inside there, and has lived in three people. Have a family of three homes have been created a group of rent, deconstruction has changed, more and more people will certainly affect the normal life, neighbors say, middleman landlord get.相关的主题文章:

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