The aircraft carrier sailed from Shenyang with gaming television and broadcast anchor – Beijing butt diamondprox

The aircraft carrier sailed from Shenyang with television and gaming anchor live – butt fusion Beijing million Star Electronics base in a competitive state in the "singing female anchor Shen Diancheng photo Beijing, October 7 Shenyang Xinhua (reporter Shen Diancheng) after more than a year of intense preparations, a carrier class electronic sports complex – Million Star Electronics competitive base in Shenyang in October 7th officially operational. As an electronic sports event program design and event organization based, collaborative development of film and television media, comprehensive generalized E-sports Industry Alliance internationalization of sports entertainment business integration, the formal operation of millions of stars gaming center has added new vigor for the increasingly popular gaming market. As a new sport, E-sports has been widely disputed at the beginning of its development. In recent years, the electronic games industry vigorous development, and China eSports athletes have made outstanding achievements in the international arena, the concept of the electronic games industry has been completely changed. In September 2016, the Ministry of Education issued new professional colleges, E-sports and management become a professional in 13, this also means that as a new sports, electronic sports in the University classroom. As president of the association of Liaoning Province electronic athletics level units, millions of stars will base on Internet gaming technology as the core, to promote the development of e-sports industry, game operation, event operations, game media, host economy, film and television industry, the surrounding commercial industry diversified industry. The complete set of the base’s top gaming arena, as well as large gaming training center, providing competitive arena for many fans. In order to promote the Liaoning electronic sports industry development, but also the construction of the base in the athletes coaches training center, and hired occupation athletes and coaches at the top as a trainer to train more professional gaming talents for Liaoning. The Internet era is an era of data fusion, in order to achieve the development of multi industry to achieve cross-border integration, with the help of the gaming market fiery stars millions of attention, and promoting the development of film and television industry, the film industry with the gaming industry industry anchor live docking in the diversified development and realize the organic integration of many related industries. At present, millions of stars cyber base independent brand tournament and kickboxing tournament has entered the opening stage, the integration of traditional and contemporary popular Red Star Network Co starred in the film "human cannon" products coming on line. The future, millions of stars cyber base will gradually promote the construction and development of electronic games, video game industry and other related industries, vigorously cultivate the electronic sports market, and with international standards, to create a famous brand China event. (end)相关的主题文章:

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