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The Australian wild animals "threaten the ecological environment of Shenzhen run amuck" – Channel – original title: Australian wild animals "run amuck threaten the ecological environment according to the British" Daily Mail "reported on November 24th, recently, a man named Jessica (Jessica Marsh)? The owner of the Australian photographer has posted on the Internet many wild livestock animal photos these photographs show the rabbit, fox, wild boar and owl kill other animal was killed or the picture is quite shocking. The owner said the photos in order to bring attention to the negative influence to the ecological environment caused by wild animals. According to statistics, Australian wild animals reached tens of millions, including 7 million European red fox, 300 thousand camels, 3 million goats and 23 million wild boar and an unknown number of wild cats. The rabbit and the cane toad are among the best known varieties. At first, rabbits were used as food and hunting objects, but the loss of millions of dollars a year was caused by the lack of predators that caused the rabbits to wreak havoc. The introduction of sugar cane toads was originally intended to eliminate pests, but they later spread everywhere, becoming the most hated species. In 2010, Martha launched a shooting contest for wild animals, with the aim of attracting the attention of wild animals. She said that these animals not only destroy the crops, but also the adverse impact on the environment, the Australian government has become the most serious problem. At present, they are looking for a solution to the problem. (internship compilation: Wei Hui reviewer: Zhu Yingku (Chen Yuzhu), commissioning editor: Yuan Liyun)相关的主题文章:

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