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"The beautiful planet" behind the scenes featurette exposed secret space station life – Sohu entertainment IMAX "beautiful star" poster Sohu entertainment news today, by the IMAX company and the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to cooperate to complete the film "beautiful planet" behind the scenes featurette released, the film’s director, director of photography and filming scenes in astronauts photographed on the shooting experience. The film is currently in Beijing science and Technology Museum China aggressively, and in October Changchun International Film Festival in Jilin province 9 Wanda IMAX theater screenings. IMAX has a precious tradition of nearly 50 years in science and education film production field, attract and inspire many of the Hollywood director for having heard it many times by the IMAX science film. Oscar has won 7 awards of the film "gravity" director Alfonso? He had said that the IMAX science film "Harbert" is his "Bible shooting telescope". "The beautiful star" director is directed by "Harbert" Mayes, the Toni telescope? The film English version also invited Oscar winning big cousin Jennifer Laurence as the narrator?. By "beautiful star" was released, the audience can walk into the theater round their own "IMAX space" in the dream, the unique and magnificent scenery and enjoy the view of global space. At 28 thousand km per hour at the space station to shoot the earth? You’re right! Different from the "International Space Station" and "Harbert telescope" two IMAX science and education film, "beautiful planet" will lens from the vast interstellar space and human exploration of space back to the earth on which we live. The astronauts once again in charge of IMAX exclusive camera, from tens of thousands of kilometers above the "view of God" shot on the earth in different time and space of the beautiful picture. The great Himalaya mountains, vast deserts and tropical rainforests, tens of thousands of times Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles. thick clouds, and the night all over the city’s colorful lights, these breathtaking pictures by astronauts from the perspective of close in the big screen on the incomparable IMAX. Before filming began, director of photography James? Neihaosi specially for astronauts shooting training. He said behind the scenes episode: "the biggest challenge is how to use the church training astronaut photography shoot for IMAX cinema screen. For example, in the space station to 28 thousand kilometers per hour over the earth, to ensure that the earth was shot from below the lens". Secret you do not know the life of the space station in addition to show the beauty of the earth, "beautiful planet" also shows the real life of astronauts. The people to pull the leg take off the heavy spacesuit, grabbed by weightlessness and suspended in the air of the fruit, only a little bit of washing hair, flying foam…… IMAX the camera recorded their life and the passions, including many of the details before the little-known, full of freshness. In the IMAX theater to watch "beautiful star" in addition to let fans feast for the eyes, giving them a rare experience of life can be personally on the scene, the astronauts a chance. Do not forget the early heart Movie Festival will be located in IMAX science film screenings unit.相关的主题文章:

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