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The central villa mansion spectacular 647 flat 40 million sets of single family Washington [Abstract] Beijing regulation implement future ban villa land use approval administrative instructions, which means that the future will not have this category villa in Beijing property market. Shunyi COFCO · (real estate information); Rui Fu Chaoyang Sunhe plate villa real estate Tencent – COFCO · Swiss government project is located in Beijing Chaoyang District Sunhe plate, Beijing is the first overall planning after the development of low density residential sector. Address is 1500 meters north of Chaoyang District Xiang Jiangbei road. COFCO · Rui palace is located in the core of the central villa plate, the main push villa project. Villa area of 647-848 square meters, two floors on the ground, two floors underground, a total range of about 4000-5800 million units, each representing at least 4 parking spaces, 70 years of property rights, blank endorsed, property management fee of 9.9 yuan / square meters. Tencent Beijing Chaoyang buyers group, real-time discussion of hot topics. 154721017 COFCO · Swiss government view details the lowest million sets of luxury real estate developers brand community Gallery | latest 400-819-1111 118185 COFCO · Swiss government is set to create the ecological health of the whole industry chain COFCO force low density city villa project, will be the curtain, please look forward to. In July 23, 2013, the company after careful research and to insist, achieved in one fell swoop called the central villa area "crown jewel" of the Hudson River HIJ plots, the land is the Hudson River group launched 5 places in the landscape of the most favorable conditions one, adjacent to the north side of the 38 thousand flat city park and East 100 thousand flat central lake area, villa the volume was only 0.68, but also within the Hudson River and Beijing in recent years, the minimum volume of the land. "" "" "click to view the comments · COFCO; Rui Fu above information is for reference only, the final announcement to developers. [Abstract] Beijing control the implementation of the future of the villa to prohibit the approval of the administrative order, which means that there will be no such kind of villa in the property market in Beijing. Shunyi Yujing Exhibition (real estate information owners forum) Central Villa District shops in the sale of real estate Tencent news exhibition Yujing is located in Shunyi New International Exhibition in the northwest corner of Yufeng road and Annwa street intersection. Yujing exhibition shops in the sale, apartment layout area of 160 square, the price of 45000 yuan, the total price of 7 million sets, the remaining 3 sets. Property costs 12 yuan per month *, 40 years of property rights, Xianfang blank check. Yujing exhibition apartments and villas all the houses have been exhausted, is currently in the signing stage, to see whether the late check-out. Tencent Beijing, Shunyi real estate buyers to discuss hot topics. 154718976. Yujing exhibition to see the details of the lowest price of 7 million yuan set the purchase of investment real estate development | Gallery the latest 400-819-1111 610592 project from the Metro pear Ridge Station 1.5 km, there is no restriction and the platoon of two kinds of products, not limited to purchase products in Beijing can meet the non qualified buyers purchase crowd, the platoon production.相关的主题文章:

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