The double chromosphere 900 million faction Award for sales promotion Raise betting threshold! winavi

The double chromosphere 900 million faction Award for sales promotion? Raise betting threshold! The double chromosphere 900 million faction Award for sales promotion? Recently, the welfare lottery center issued a notice, will open the double chromosphere 900 million awards in October 23rd! The awards will start in the double chromosphere 16124th period (October 20th after the sale of lottery lottery, October 23rd), 20 consecutive school awards, the total prize money of up to 900 million yuan. Very interesting is that this is the first time to send prize Shuangseqiu history restrictions on bet: multiple bets! Users can not help feeling: This is to enhance the sales fight? Reading   Shuangseqiu open 900 million faction award award 4 yuan in aspect interpretation: 15 million                 School Awards survey – you will increase the bet? Fucai faction award in 2015 compared to the color ball prize faction bustling, 600 million to send the prize in its history, but this is called "the strongest in the history of the awards, received the effect seems to be almost and micro. In the year to send the 22 prize, the total sales reached 7 billion 410 million, the average sales volume of $336 million. Compared to the pie before the average sales growth of only 2.4%. At the same time during the last Shuangseqiu faction award, the highest single sales and sales, are less than the previous 5 faction award always record, while sales growth has been sent award in consecutive years showed a downward trend, the effect of dim. For the welfare lottery center send prize money more, but the effect has not received increased. Of course, this is the whole Internet lottery forbidden environment, there is a certain relationship. Then the double chromosphere 900 million school year award, lottery center will not only send prize amount up from 600 million last year to 900 million, greatly enhance the also want to get to There was no parallel in history., at the same time prize bet made multiple betting limits! Notice in accordance with the provisions of: activities for all the use of double bets and the first prize six. This means that the original faction award of 2 yuan can be in the middle of the year, and now to spend $4, while the fixed prize will be able to share the prize money through the compound betting can be divided into 15 million. Overall, this award is not only high prize money, but also on the way to make a bet limit, which means that the audience to raise the threshold. (Wu Junhao)相关的主题文章:

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