The man in the eye that iron magnet results almost blind eyes ca1810

The man in the eye that iron magnet the eyes almost blind in these two days, the 49 year old Mr. Hua very sorry, because of his "bold and crafty", almost blind right eye. The treatment in ophthalmology hospital branch Ningbo eye hospital for several days, Mr. Hua’s eyes saved, but corneal scars, eyesight affected. Now recall the injured in the process, Mr. Hua feel annoying and ridiculous. Because of the professional relationship, he often ran into the hospital because of the eye into the metal, very troublesome. "Woman", he was struck by the magnets. Don’t say, really successful out several times, but this time Mr Hua almost caused by infection of corneal perforation. This lathe operator "bold and crafty eyes into the metal foreign body" with a strong magnet China lives in Zhenhai camel streets, is a mold lathe operator, sometimes because of careless, sometimes because of improper protection, processing of metal products, often with a metal foreign body into the eyes, he often went to the hospital so, sometimes one day to run two or three times, a regular local eye clinic "". Go to the hospital and loss of working time and trouble, don’t go, don’t take out foreign body sad eyes. At the beginning of this year, he whim: corneal foreign body is mostly iron, why not to absorb a magnet, if successful, to save money and save. The idea in China’s brain just flashed, until last month, he got a strong magnetic iron blocks about 4 cm in diameter. Soon the eyes into the iron, he scalded with boiling water and strong magnets "disinfection", try it. Don’t ask for help, their eyes, clawed eyelids, strong magnets gently above the eye. Let him surprise is actually a success, the eye is no longer a foreign body sensation, small iron being sucked out. After two times, "magnetic to iron in addition to", very useful, he was pleased to put this invention experience to the surrounding workers. A few days ago, Mr. Hua and splashing into the right cornea iron, he modeled on this time a little less, but luck, not only did not remove the iron, the right eye tears tingling, second days to get up, the visual acuity decreased significantly. He hurried to the local hospital ophthalmic examination, the right eye appeared serious corneal infection, referral to the eye hospital of ophthalmology hospital division of emergency treatment. Licking, towel, needle pick, palm silk dig every year several foreign infection blind admissions of patients with Mr Hua is eye hospital chief physician Yuan Jianshu, he found, was incarcerated in the foreign body of Mr. Hua cornea, foreign body around the corneal opacity white, infection has spread to the eye, it is may cause corneal perforation. Fortunately, in a timely manner, after treatment, Mr. Hua intraocular foreign body removed, keratitis control. The eyes are saved, but the cornea has left a scar, and the vision will be affected. Yuan Jianshu told the evening news reporter, eye clinic often encounter patients with corneal foreign body, but the magnetic metallic corneal foreign body, or the first time meet. Yuan Jianshu said that every year in the eye clinic encountered due to foreign bodies into the cornea and not timely and correct treatment, and ultimately cause blindness in the event there will be several. This part of corneal foreign body infection, mostly to deal with, such as licking, towel, even with a needle pick, palm silk cut and so on, variety. "Corneal foreign body on its own.相关的主题文章:

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