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The Mid Autumn Festival housing festival in Changping is not limited to the purchase price that is sold out when the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday for three days in September to buy the traditional golden holiday season, past the heart has gone, this time we are more concerned about the "big house". From the Dragon Boat Festival to the Mid Autumn Festival, just three months, new home transaction prices rose by 17%. Especially in late August, Beijing new home prices, the Beijing property market has entered a traditional hot state, although the future of the property market may face a cyclical adjustment, but because the market unprecedented heat concentration, adjust the start time may be longer. Buyers in Beijing will face an embarrassing situation, each rise cycle comes to keep the sidelines waiting in the wings, each time is not prepared in under the start price, so in the face of the arrival of this round of rapid price increases, they resolutely ready to. In the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday 3 days, Beijing new houses and second-hand housing total contracted transaction of 702 units, the average price of new residential buildings up to 38455 yuan / square meter. From the transaction structure in early September, the average residential transaction volume rose by 18%, apartment products rose by 88.8%, the villa rose by 32.6%, only the owner occupied housing has a significant decline of 91.7%. Among them, not only increased the amount of apartment products trading volume, the proportion of transactions in the new home market also increased from 27.1% in early August to the early September of 67.6%, nearly 70%. This week (September 12th -9 18) the property market to the project name of the regional 16072 opening time to the rate of the first · phone; Sheng square in Shunyi in September 15th 200 sets sold out 400-819-1111 to 619888 Fangshan super beehives in Fangshan more than 200 sets of September 17th sales of 400-819-1111 to 610408 Beijing Times Square in Fangshan in September 16th 50 sets sold out 400-819-1111 to 611185 Winton International Mansion 30 sets of Daxing September 15th sales of 400-819-1111 to 653623 · in the Huailai the Great Wall forever; in September 16th 48 sets 80%400-819-1111 to 611208 Silicon Valley SOHO Changping in September 17th 100 sets sold out 400-819-1111 to 610667 West Changan one Mentougou two buildings in September 15th sales of 400-819-1111 to 610492 of the Mid Autumn Festival opening also confirms the transaction structure data, opened this week, mainly concentrated in the -9 months of September 15th 17 days three days, is just a small Mid Autumn Festival holiday for three days, the opening of the seven projects from the region There is only one point of view is the eternal ring Beijing regional real estate Huailai · the Great Wall (real estate information), the remaining six projects are Beijing City real estate, which belongs to an average price of 57000 yuan square meters of Daxing 70 property adjacent residential Xianfang iron rings. The remaining five are not limited to the purchase of property rights for 50 years. From the regional point of view, the five items are not limited to purchase in Fangshan, Shunyi, Mentougou and Changping. Fangshan and Shunyi are currently not restricted to purchase the largest real estate market, but also just need to purchase the most favored areas, the new site is currently less Changping.相关的主题文章:

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