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Shaanxi rural families because of poverty conditions worse the bride price more recently, Liu Xi’an citizens facing a harmonic let their family suffering troubles. Is he ready to talk of marriage and girlfriend, but 80 thousand yuan price made difficult. Just graduated in just two years, don’t have saved much money, home not long ago to his brother after marriage, the money paid almost. The higher prices for wedding wedding into worries. Requests the government intervention for young bride price problems surfaced in Baoji two years ago, the Longxian government official website of the political interaction forum, there are people to do government message, called on the government to guide the boycott of expensive betrothal gifts, also said Longxian a lot of people are now loan to marry a wife, more and more low happiness. This is the request of the government intervene at the betrothal message, the betrothal gifts folk to a public opinion outlet. According to the insiders, common in Baoji, Longxian — Qianyang mountain high, Linyou County, 80 thousand, 100 thousand price is normal, 150 thousand price is not uncommon. General conditions of poor families to pay the bride price will be higher, the groom’s family a good family but pay the bride price will be less, 10 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan or even thousands of betrothal gifts in these places have. For this expensive betrothal gifts phenomenon, deputy researcher of the rural development research of Shaanxi Province Academy of Social Sciences Lai Zuolian put forward his own views from a professional point of view, the bride price is essentially an economic problem. The poor woman’s family, because of poverty, lack of protection of life in the future, the woman’s parents hope to get a compensation when his daughter married, get some protection for their future life. Because in the woman’s parents, only a one-time benefit. If the woman’s parents about the man, to the future with confidence, often on the bride price will be lower. The reality is that, the economy is not good place price is higher, the better the local economy but lower or even lose. However, in recent years, in some places the woman do the bride price phenomenon often happens. The young Zhang Lei told reporters that he married the woman is symbolic to thousands of dollars price. Don’t like this example in betrothal gifts have several friends in his side, the woman most courtesy to receive betrothal gifts, dowry bride more than many. "A marriage out of a family" phenomenon occurs when the reporter in Shaanxi of Shaanxi, Northern Shaanxi, Guanzhong visited learned that the bride is a folk custom, for how much each local differences bride, even each village has great difference. In Yulin, Hengshan, the local villagers told reporters that the same village in the local people one hundred thousand yuan to marry a wife, who spent $two hundred thousand, some people spend tens of thousands of dollars. How many of the betrothal gifts, as a kind of privacy, generally do not want too much publicity, it is very difficult to accurately understand the specific amount. Some people are too simple to understand, the bride price in Guanzhong area generally in 20 thousand to 60 thousand, from 30 thousand to 100 thousand in Northern Shaanxi, Shaanxi from 40 thousand to 100 thousand. Engaged in the research of rural society the rural social research center of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University lecturer Chen Hui told reporters, strictly speaking the bride price level is the relative value of 100 thousand yuan, is not)相关的主题文章:

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