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"Third" is the spirit in Peng Yuchang Sun Xuening – Sun Xuening Peng Yuchang entertainment Sohu contract contract node   Sohu by Sohu and entertainment news video billion odd CO produced entertainment network drama "is the spirit of urban fantasy" has been officially launched. The exquisite and lifelike special effects fighting scenes and the broken wall settings of the armed men have been well received by the audience. The breakthrough ahead of launch pilot special articles, more on positive before the launch will play good performance gains of nearly 7000W, but also for the domestic network drama first tries a useful model, is set after the launch, with the main character of Peng Yuchang, Sun Xuening and Wang Bowen are coming out of the complex relationship between the characters, also cited the play is the audience look forward to. Third, that the mother was not, rushed to the bar to avenge her mother, was a bar boss beat. Heavy Li appeared to save him, he realized he needed the power to protect the family. On the way Chixiao recognized saved Liu Mingrui goes, do not want to die away from heavy remind Mo li. To ask about Li Momin for the things of the spirit of heavy Li told him the origin of seven and is the spirit, also know that the father is not the owner of a heavy li. Heavy Li told Momin, Mo father is in fact alive, just be Jiuqing captured, and advised him to cooperate with the union day, managed to rescue the father. The day he Luo worried about security, the positioning device is installed in the mobile phone on the mo. Go to the union day Momin Lin Chenyu promised to seek cooperation. For if the wind, if the wind left out Ji Shuyang photos, escorted man Li recognized in the photo is not the father. Lin Chenyu does not agree not to put their lives at risk, sent Ling lane to survey the tattoo shop, not ignore them rushed to the scene, the path was caught Ling duanhun ambush, emergency rescue, road in Shuyang Ling Ji under cover and union day Ling division joined the successful retreat, but also exposed the heavy li……   相关的主题文章:

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