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Wood floor water should do? As we all know, if the home is installed wooden floor, the most worried about is the water problem, the wood floor is very troublesome if the water is, you may not know, after treatment of different types of wood floor water is not the same, this article will according to this knowledge as we make a detailed introduction, teach you some wood floor water after the emergency coup, see together.   a, aggrandizement floor water: natural evaporation is the most convenient for wood floors, will not be a cup of water onto the floor, if not immediately handle it for a long time, the floor will appear tilted and mildew, then found the words already late. Solution: Step1: if the floor water should be quickly removed above the accumulation of furniture and objects, try not to tread, and as soon as possible to drain the floor surface water, skirting and remove the edge of the floor, let the floor joints exposed to water vapor, let send out. Don’t pry the floor dry. Step2: according to the amount of water level, completely dry usually takes seven to fifteen days, for better quality or soaking time is not long the floor can be recovered, if fifteen days after the discovery of warped or smoothness cannot recover, it should be considered to replace the floor. Step3: if there is a large area of water, should promptly contact the floor service customer service for processing, can please business come late treatment, abandoning yourself. Two, solid wood floor water: "well" stacked and dried wood flooring because it is pure solid wood processing, so has the natural attributes of wood, water easily deformed and moldy. Solution: Step1: solid wood floor surface after immersion should wipe up the water as soon as possible, at the splicing gap still can also take a vacuum cleaner at soaking floor, absorb water vapor. Or take the hair dryer with the cold air at the seam blowing, until dry, but do not use hot air, to prevent surface dryness caused by dry heat deformation. Step2: if the water area is relatively large, but the water is very serious. After finishing the surface of the water, you can carefully pry the floor, wipe with a piece of absorbent cloth by block, and in accordance with the "well" shape superimposed display, the lower pad high isolation, so that the floor fully contact the space to dry. Three, composite floor water: both methods better although composite wood floor material is durable, but the face of the water, the floor will still be tilted, mildew and other small problems. Solution: Step1: if it is a small area of water, should as soon as possible to surface water clean, then the gap between floor draining with cold cleaner or hair dryer. Step2: if a large area of water, it should be removed as soon as possible around the baseboard, and lift the water floor, also with bricks or other things pad across the empty, the floor to "well" stacked in the shade.相关的主题文章:

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