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"This is Tibet" Zang Yuejun Tibet contemporary art exhibition in Hangzhou to carry out the opening guest painter and staff posed hall filled with the smell of butter, with freedom and fear. "This is Tibet" – Tibet contemporary art exhibition Zang Yuejun, art gallery was like for the whole Hangzhou moved to the Tibet. Zang Yuejun accept the CCTV interview in the exhibition as the curator of the exhibition, Chinese Art Museum collection department director Zheng Zuoliang said that this batch of work is too erratic. Zheng Zuoliang Han Shuli Shen Kaiyun Tang Jingyao in the west, they are not ancient non now is not, and is not like Thangka, Thangka painting and painting is not like painting, like painting…… In the use of techniques and materials but also staged all martial arts: oil paint, acrylic, ink, pigments and mineral pigments, even butter, incense, Pu’er tea…… But all around, he come in handy; outline, description, modeling, painting, printing, wood rubbing…… A variety of technical means, he almost did not use it…… The Symposium of the famous artist Peng Tiancheng, Yu Youxin, Jing Tingyao, Ren Ping’s interaction with the audience to art gallery Liu Yijing especially his use of the Tibet Tibetan paper, drawn from Stellera grass, with anti-corrosion mothproof function, paper with natural uneven special muscle pattern, have a special effect and beauty for him the painting. Ren Ping Peng Xiancheng shirahito Haian bin in October 29th this is our opening day, a picture read down, the reporter found that this experience is entirely Oriental style. Even if you don’t have any Buddhist foundation, only those visual elements and almost weird but actually very real normal texture effect, you can easily be coerced into a kind of mystery and stocky and empty realm. This series of Buddha mind way into the aesthetic is our habit, as we read poetry, song of childhood rhymes, or wandering far away miss the home of relatives in the lonely city…… It doesn’t make you hard, but let you feel warm; not cold dry, but to appease the people; not to a deliberate attitude to challenge your aesthetic ability, but there is a pull force from tapping the mind, the nature of inspiration. Reporters have tried to sort out and express this aesthetic feeling, but found that the past expression of words almost completely ineffective. The Buddha mind series two finally, or curator Zheng Zuoliang’s words came true: "this is Tibet." But in this way, this is not to say: This is china! This is us! Tibet is perhaps this mysterious land lit the flame of art Zang Yuejun, but this fire did not be out of Tibet, across the painting and culture barriers, and in a way that we are accustomed to, familiar with the usual, but they never exist in our minds the whole concept of "to express our heart!? The so-called "27 Buddha mind series overall concept": that is, without the use of dissecting human boils, almost bloody western modern culture, but the mood all of humanity;相关的主题文章:

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