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Truth: is your cell phone really dirtier than the toilet? Mobile phone than the toilet dirty rumors have been popular for many years. As early as the big screen smartphone has not been popular in 2008, there have been media reports on the topic, and even many institutions have done the corresponding test, but the results of the test are contradictory. So the phone is dirty than the toilet, this rumor is not true? Mobile phones and toilets, who is more dirty? In the past few years, there have been a number of media health agencies have done the phone and toilet who is more dirty, and the test results are often contradictory. For example, the following two times: in 2012, a media joint Guangdong Medical College clinical microbiological department carried out sample testing of 28 mobile phone and 12 toilet, test results show that the number of bacteria on the mobile phone is not higher than the toilet; living laboratory section 2015 CCTV a program called "dirty mobile phone really?" The program, sampling the colony on several phones, and compared the colony on the toilet, the conclusion is that the number of mobile phones is much higher than the number of toilets. Almost every few years, a similar test results in conflicting results. Why the test results will contradict each other? Because these tests are not scientific. In the previous test, almost all the media with inspection personnel were randomly selected from a small number of samples for contrast detection are not considered by the mobile phone detection cleanliness, the user’s health habits, and even the number of bacteria in different positions of different factors such as the toilet. You test the phone is often clean or not clean the phone, is the toilet and the toilet public toilet, toilet cover and toilet ring, etc……. These factors will affect the results of the test. This kind of media led by experimental testing, sampling test results face each other Its loopholes appeared one after another., is also expected. If you really want to use scientific means to detect the "mobile phone and toilet who is dirty, I think this will be a very interesting, but it is also a huge project workload. At least there is no contrast data appear. So simply to the phone than the toilet is dirty, as a basis to determine the facts to promote, some exaggerated the phone’s health problems. Mobile phones may spread disease? The answer is basically negative. In daily life, the mobile phone will be frequently touched, randomly placed in various places. Like our hands, the phone will carry a number of different types of pathogenic microorganisms. Some of them even live on the phone for several days. In some densely populated public places, such as hospitals, schools and so on, the number of micro-organisms carried on the phone will be more. Although this sounds terrible, but so far no scientific research has shown that pathogenic microorganisms on the phone will give users a serious health risk. Is it necessary to clean the phone? The appropriate cleaning is good, no need to go to war". Some suggestions that it is necessary to use various types of disinfection products, such as glass cleaning agents, alcohol and other mobile phones, which can effectively reduce the health problems caused by pathogens on the phone. But the reality is that this wipe can not effectively eliminate pathogenic microorganisms on the phone, but may affect the use of touch screen mobile phones, and even some disinfection products will cause the phone.相关的主题文章:

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